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This is one of my favorite categories because its much like fantasy football; you just never really know how a player will perform.  Remember what the term comeback means.  More often than not a QB will take the Comeback Player of the Year Award mostly because of they can exceed expectations from a previous year.  Such as Phillip Rivers; he had a very bad season in 2012 mostly due to a bad team effort.  But in 2013 the talent got better around him and he was able to better his play.  Its is much harder for a RB to win the award because more often than not they need to comeback from a terrible injury or explode with a new team.  Its much of the same with WR as well; they need to produce outrageous stats to be considered for this award.

With that in mind; I feel there are a lot of players who could be in the running for the 2014 Comeback Player of the Year.  Some of my possibilities are QB; but there are a bunch of other positions that very well could win it as well.  There were a lot of injuries in 2013; and during free agency this year we saw a lot of players go to new teams.  So it should be very interesting to see who emerges out of the pack to win this award.  Below are my top selections in no particular order.

Robert Griffin III Redskins – Obvious first choice going into the season.  The Redskins have surrounded him with talented players and an upgraded offensive line.  One of the big stories was the Skins picking up DeSean Jackson in free agency which adds a lot of speed to the offense.  Pierre Garcon is healthy and Alfred Morris will be a big part of the pass game now as well.  RGIII should be healthy and ready to go when the season starts and I think the bar will be set pretty high for him in 2014.

Percy Harvin Seahawks – Harvin is another top candidate because after his showing in the Super Bowl; we all got to see his potential when he is healthy.  Now with Golden Tate gone there should be a lot of action in store for Harvin.  Now that is taking into account that he will stay healthy for a full season; we all know he has had some issues with that.  He has all the tools he needs to have a killer 2014 season; lets see if he uses all of them.

Julio Jones Falcons – Julio Jones is amazing anyway and he was on track to have a career year in 2013 until he got a foot injury that sidelined him for the rest of the season.  Jones is going to be healthy by the time the season starts and the Falcons brought in Hester from the Bears to hopefully take some of the pressure off Jones.  Roddy White will be playing the opposite side so there is no reason why Julio should not just explode.  

Rob Gronkowski Patriots – Two years ago it was impossible to stop Gronk, now for the last season he has had injury after injury that has slowed his progress.  No TE has ever won the Comeback Award; but if there is a TE to do it; it would be Gronk.  Tom Brady is still delivering the passes; so as long as Gronk can stay on the field he actually has a chance to get this award.

Aaron Rodgers Packers – He is a former league MVP so we all know his capabilities; now he is healthy he should return to form.  He still has weapons around him like Cobb and Nelson, and now the Packers have a strong run game with Lacy so it makes sense that Rodgers should be able to pass often and make a good run to winning this award.

Michael Crabtree 49ers – After being sidelined for most of the 2013 season with an injury; Crabtree came back with a vengeance and was a big impact on the 49ers.  Now being healthy and with other WR options for Kap; it should free up Crabtree to show his full potential.  He wont be putting up Julio Jones numbers; but he still can show how much he has recovered from a serious injury.

There are some others that might have a chance at this award too like Larry Fitzgerald, Randall Cobb, Eli Manning, Michael Vick, and Jake Locker; but they have some stiff competition to get there.  I know I didnt put any defensive players on here and thats because there have only been 3 defensive players to ever win this award and I dont see it happening in 2014.  I may be wrong though; you never know.



This is the final installment of my “Best of Each Decade” posts.  In the 2000s the players had evolved a lot with the speed and the power of every player.  Between the year 2000 – 2009 there were a lot of players that made a huge impact in the NFL and in my opinion some of the best players of all time played in this decade.  So like my other posts; I will be going over each position and put who I think are the best players of the decade.

1. Tom Brady (Patriots) – 3 Super Bowls; 2 Super Bowl MVPs; 2 NFL MVPs; 8 Pro Bowls
2. Peyton Manning (Colts) – 12 Pro Bowls; 4 NFL MVPs; Super Bowl MVP
3. Drew Brees (Saints) – Super Bowl MVP; 7 Pro Bowls; 2 NFC MVPs

+Running Backs+
1. LaDainian Tomlinson (Chargers) – NFL MVP; 5 Pro Bowls; Numerous NFL Records
2. Edgerrin James (Colts) – 4 Pro Bowls; 12,246 rush yards; 2 Rushing Titles; 80 TDs
3. Jamal Lewis (Ravens/Browns) – Super Bowl Champ; 10,607 rush yards; NFL Records
4. Shaun Alexander (Seahawks) – 3 Pro Bowls; NFL MVP; 2005 Rushing Title; 100 TDs
5. Ahman Green  (Packers) – 4 Pro Bowls; 60 TDs; 9,205 rush yards

+Wide Receivers+
1. Marvin Harrison (Colts) – 8 Pro Bowls; several NFL Records; 1,102 catches; 128 TDs
2. Randy Moss (Vikings/Pats) – 7 Pro Bowls; 982 catches; 15,292 yards; 156 TDs
3. Terrell Owens (49ers;Eagles;Cowboys) – 6 Pro Bowls; 153 TDs; 15,935 yards
4. Torry Holt (Rams) – 7 Pro Bowls; 13,382 yards; 74 TDs; 920 catches
5. Hines Ward (Steelers) – 4 Pro Bowls; Super Bowl MVP; 1,000 catches; 12,083 yards

+Tight Ends+
1. Tony Gonzalez (Chiefs/Falcons) – 13 Pro Bowls; numerous NFL Records; 1,242 catches
2. Antonio Gates (Chargers) – 8 Pro Bowls; 642 catches; 83 TDs; 8,321 yards
3. Jeremy Shockey (Giants/Saints) – 4 Pro Bowls; 2 Super Bowls; 547 catches

+Offensive Lineman+
1. Orlando Pace (Rams) – 7 Pro Bowls; 169 games played
2. Walter Jones (Seahawks) – 9 Pro Bowls; 180 games played
3. Jonathan Ogden (Ravens) – 11 Pro Bowls; 177 games played
4. Will Shields (Chiefs) – 12 Pro Bowls; 224 games played
5. Kevin Mawae (Jets/Titans) – 8 Pro Bowls
6. Olin Kreutz (Bears) – 6 Pro Bowls

+Defensive Lineman+
1. Michael Strahan (Giants) – 7 Pro Bowls; numerous NFL Records; 141.5 sacks
2. Jason Taylor (Dolphins) – 6 Pro Bowls; 139.5 sacks; 773 tackles
3. Richard Seymour (Pats/Raiders) – 7 Pro Bowls; 3 Super Bowls; 57.5 sacks; 496 tackles
4. Warren Sapp (Bucs/Raiders) – 7 Pro Bowls; 573 tackles; 96.5 sacks
5. La’Roi Glover (Saints/Cowboys/Rams) – 6 Pro Bowls; 83.5 sacks; 433 tackles

1. Ray Lewis (Ravens) – 13 Pro Bowls;2 Super Bowls;numerous NFL Records;2,061 tackles
2. Derrick Brooks (Bucs) – 11 Pro Bowls; Super Bowl Champ; 1,715 tackles
3. Zach Thomas (Dolphins) – 7 Pro Bowls; 1,720 tackles; 17 interceptions
4. Brian Urlacher (Bears) – 8 Pro Bowls; NFL Def Player of Year; 1,353 tackles
5. Joey Porter (Steelers/Dolphins) – 4 Pro Bowls; Super Bowl Champ; 98 sacks; 672 tackles

+Corner Backs+
1. Champ Bailey (Broncos) – 12 Pro Bowls; 771 tackles; 52 interceptions
2. Charles Woodson (Raiders/Packers) – 8 Pro Bowls; 55 interceptions; 719 tackles
3. Ronde Barber (Bucs) – 5 Pro Bowls; numerous NFL Records; 1,172 tackles; 47 INTs

1. Brian Dawkins (Eagles/Broncos) – 9 Pro Bowls; 1,131 tackles; 37 INTs
2. Ed Reed (Ravens) – 9 Pro Bowls; numerous NFL Records; 61 INTs
3. Troy Polamalu (Steelers) – 7 Pro Bowls; 5 AFC Def Player of Year; 640 tackles

+Special Teams+
1. David Akers (Eagles) – Kicker
2. Brian Moorman (Bills) – Punter
3. Joshua Cribbs (Browns) – Kick Returner
4. Devin Hester (Bears) – Punt Returner


This is my third installment of the best NFL players of each decade.  The 1990s had some of the best players the NFL has ever seen and it was very hard for me to choose the best players of this decade.  I once again will be going over every position on offense and defense to who I think were the best NFL players of the 1990s.

1. John Elway (Broncos) – 9 Pro Bowls; 2 Super Bowls; Super Bowl MVP; 51,475 yards2. Brett Favre (Packers) – 11 Pro Bowls; 3 NFL MVPs; Super Bowl Champ; 71.838 yards
3. Steve Young (49ers) – 7 Pro Bowls; 3 Super Bowls; Super Bowl MVP; 2 NFL MVPs

+Running Back+
1. Barry Sanders (Lions) – 10 Pro Bowls; 4 NFL Rushing Titles;NFL MVP; numerous records
2. Emmitt Smith (Cowboys) – 8 Pro Bowls;3 Super Bowls;Super Bowl MVP; NFL MVP; NFL Record with career Rushing yards
3, Thurman Thomas (Bills) – 5 Pro Bowls; NFL MVP; 12.074 yards; 88 TDs
4. Marshall Faulk (Colts/Rams) – 7 Pro Bowls; Super Bowl Champ; NFL MVP; #10 on the Rushing Yards List

+Wide Receivers+
1. Jerry Rice (49ers) – 13 Pro Bowls;3 Super Bowls;Super Bowl MVP;numerous NFL records
2. Chris Carter (Vikings) – 8 Pro Bowls; 130 TDs; 13,899 yards; 1,101 catches
3. Michael Irvin (Cowboys) – 5 Pro Bowls; 3 Super Bowls; 750 catches; 11,904 yards
4. Tim Brown (Raiders) – 9 Pro Bowls; 1,094 catches; 19,683 all purpose yards; 105 TDs

+Tight Ends+
1. Shannon Sharpe (Broncos) – 8 Pro Bowls; 3 Super Bowls; 815 catches; 10,060 yards
2. Ben Coates (Patriots) – 5 Pro Bowls; Super Bowl Champ; 50 TDs; 499 catches

+Offensive Lineman+
1. Willie Roaf (Saints) – 11 Pro Bowls; 189 games played
2. Tony Boselli (Jags) – 5 Pro Bowls; 91 games played
3. Bruce Matthews (Titans) – 14 Pro Bowls; 296 games played (NFL Record)
4. Larry Allen (Cowboys) – 11 Pro Bowls; Super Bowl Champ
5. Randall McDaniel (Vikings) – 12 Pro Bowls; 222 games played

+Defensive Lineman+
1. Bruce Smith (Bills) – 11 Pro Bowls; 2 Defensive Player of Year; 200 sacks; 1,225 tackles
2. Reggie White (Packers) – 13 Pro Bowls; Super Bowl Champ; 2 Defensive Player of Year
3. Cortez Kennedy (Seahawks) – 8 Pro Bowls; 668 tackles; 58 sacks
4. John Randle (Vikings) – 7 Pro Bowls; 556 tackles; 137.5 sacks
5. Warren Sapp (Bucs) – 7 Pro Bowls; Super Bowl Champ; 96.5 sacks; 573 tackles

1. Junior Seau (Chargers) – 12 Pro Bowls; 1,849 tackles; 56.5 sacks
2. Derrick Thomas (Chiefs) – 9 Pro Bowls; Defensive Rookie Year; 126.5 sacks; 642 tackles
3. Kevin Greene (Steelers/Panthers) – 5 Pro Bowls; 160 sacks (3rd in NFL)
4. Hardy Nickerson (Steelers/Bucs) – 5 Pro Bowls; 1,586 tackles; 21 sacks; 12 INTs
5. Cornelius Bennett (Bills/Falcons) – 5 Pro Bowls; 1,190 tackles; 71.5 sacks

+Corner Backs+
1. Deion Sanders (Cowboys/49ers) – 8 Pro Bowls; 2 Super Bowls; 53 INTs
2. Rod Woodson (Steelers/49ers) – 11 Pro Bowls; Super Bowl Champ; 71 INTs;1,163 tackles
3. Darrell Green (Redskins) – 7 Pro Bowls; 2 Super Bowls; Fastest NFL Player 4 times

1. Steve Atwater (Broncos) – 8 Pro Bowls; 2 Super Bowls; 1,180 tackles; 24 INTs
2. Ronnie Lott (Raiders/Jets) – 10 Pro Bowls; 4 Super Bowls; 63 INTs

+Special Teams+
1. Gary Anderson (Steelers/Eagles/49ers) – Kicker
2. Darren Bennett (Chargers) – Punter
3. Michael Bates (Seahawks/Browns) – Kick Returner
4. Deion Sanders – Punt Returner