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In a few months it is going to be time to start nailing down your fantasy football league; but its never too early to start researching who are going to be fantasy studs and busts.  More often then not the running backs are drafted early so its good to have an understanding of who is going to be the best options.  In free agency we saw a load of running backs go to different teams, sign huge contracts, and some are now on contract years.  Below is my list (as of right now) of the best value running backs going into the 2014 season.

It amazes me how far some of the 2013 “elite” runners have fallen down this list.  Just last year everyone was after players like Ray Rice, CJ Spiller, and Trent Richardson.  Now I think people are going to be very careful about drafting them because they are now considered risky instead of reliable.  On the opposite end there are now running backs who were just rookies last year and now they are going to be fantasy studs like Eddie Lacy and LeVeon Bell.  I know this list is going to change before the season starts, but for now if this was a final list you can see that some of the backs from last year, are not going to be the backs you want this year.

1. Jamaal Charles – Chiefs
2. LeSean McCoy – Eagles
3. Adrian Peterson – Vikings
4. Matt Forte – Bears
5. Marshawn Lynch – Seahawks
6. Eddie Lacy – Packers
7. LeVeon Bell – Steelers
8. Arian Foster – Texans
9. DeMarco Murray – Cowboys
10. Alfred Morris – Redskins
11. Gio Bernard – Bengals
12. Reggie Bush – Lions
13. Zac Stacy – Rams
14. Montee Ball – Broncos
15. Doug Martin – Bucs
16. Andre Ellington – Cardinals
17. Ben Tate – Browns (new team)
18. Knowshon Moreno – Dolphins (new team)
19. Toby Gerhart – Jaguars (new team)
20. CJ Spiller – Bills
21. Frank Gore – 49ers
22. Chris Johnson – Jets (new team)
23. Ray Rice – Ravens
24. Ryan Mathews – Chargers
25. Rashad Jennings – Giants (new team)
26. Shane Vereen – Patriots
27. Trent Richardson – Colts
28. Steven Jackson – Falcons
29. Fred Jackson – Bills
30. Darren Sproles – Eagles (new team)
31. DeAngelo Williams – Panthers
32. Maurice Jones-Drew – Raiders (new team)
33. Darren McFadden – Raiders
34. Danny Woodhead – Chargers
35. Stevan Ridley – Patriots

Remember when you are choosing running backs there are numerous factors you need to take into consideration.  You need to look at previous years and their stats.  Are they progressively getting worse like Ray Rice; or are they getting better like with LeSean McCoy?  How long have they been on their team?  If they just got to a new team it may take them some time to adjust to the new playbook like we saw with Trent Richardson in 2013.  How is their offensive line?  Did they get any new coaches?  Before the season starts I will post more answers to these questions, but these are things you will want to find out before draft day.


Three weeks of the 2013 NFL season is now in the books and it has already been a crazy ride.  There are teams that were supposed to do well that are not, teams that were not supposed to good who are, rookies making big plays, and crazy trades.  I made some predictions a few months ago about who I think was going to win their division and obviously I need to throw those out the window.  Below is some new predictions based on what has happened so far in the first three weeks thus far.

In the NFC East the big surprise for me is that the New York Giants are 0-3, while the Dallas Cowboys are 2-1.  Also, a lot of people had high hopes after the Eagles opening game, but after winning their first game they have dropped two straight.  I had some high hopes for the Washington Redskins, but I was way off on that since they have started their season 0-3.  With what has happened so far it would not surprise me to see the Cowboys take the NFC East; the only other team that might have a shot is the Eagles, but Vick needs to step his game up for that to happen.  As long as Romo keeps playing the way he has they should be able to roll through the rest of the season.  Romo in three games has had 6 touchdowns and only one interception which is a huge improvement since the 2012 season.

In the NFC North the Bears are on top with a 3-0 record behind their powerful defense.  The Bears are only allowing 88 yards per game on the ground and less than 300 passing yards a game.  The Bears are also passing the ball better and Marshall has already pulled in 20 receptions and two touchdowns.  The Bears offensive line is getting the job done as well only allowing 3 sacks so far this season.  On the other end the Vikings are 0-3 even with Adrian Peterson scoring 3 touchdowns so far this season.  The Detroit Lions have had some close games but they are at 2-1 behind a brutal passing game.  Stafford already has over 1,000 passing yards and 6 touchdowns, and with all the weapons the Lions have on offense this may be the year they make a playoff push.  The surprise here is the Green Bay Packer losing to the 49ers and to the Bengals.  Rodgers does have 8 touchdowns, but the Packers are pretty banged up when it comes to the running backs.  As long as the Bears and Lions keep playing the way they have been I think one of them could take the division.

In the NFC South the Saints are off to a big start at 3-0 behind the great play of Brees and Graham.  Jimmy Graham has already pulled in 4 touchdowns while Brees has thrown 6 touchdowns.  I am a bit surprised that the Falcons are 1-2, but with Roddy White and Steven Jackson injured it makes a little more sense.  Once the Falcons can get healthy they should be able to make a comeback from their terrible start.  The Panthers are being led by Cam Newton but the rest of the team is letting him down and they are 1-2 so far.  I am surprised that the Bucs are having this many issues already.  They are 0-3 and the defense is not playing up to the standard people had anticipated; and the offense is not getting the ball into their playmakers hands.  Vincent Jackson has 15 receptions and is yet to reach the end zone.  Doug Martin is doing his best to carry the team with 297 rushing yards, but he has only reached the end zone one time.  I think the Saints are going to be a strong contender this year and the will be tough to beat.

The NFC West has the Seattle Seahawks on top with a 3-0 record behind the outstanding play of Russell Wilson and the defense.  The Seahawks have only allowed 27 points in 3 games with is only a 9 point average.  The Seattle defense is also only allowing 146 passing yards a game which makes them the best defense in the NFL right now.  As for the 49ers, they are having some major struggles right now after a lot of people predicted them to be one of the best teams.  They have 3 key players out right now with injuries (Davis, Crabtree, and Manningham), but Colin is not playing well.  The 49ers can turn it around but they need to step it up in every aspect of the game.  The Cardinals and the Rams are both 1-2 which was to be expected from both of them.  I think the Seahawks will be the team to beat, but the 49ers could come back from this and be a contender.

In the AFC East the Patriots and the Dolphins are both 3-0.  Yes; you heard right, the Miami Dolphins are undefeated.  The Dolphins have been laying excellent defense, but Ryan Tannehill is becoming a leader for the team.  Tannehill may not put up the number Tom Brady does, but he knows how to win.  Speaking of Tom Brady, he is adjusting well to the young receivers around him while he waits for Amendola to heal.  The Patriots defense is making a huge contribution as well by only allowing 34 points so far.  They are only allowing 188 passing yards per game as well.  The surprise for me is the New York Jets; they are now 2-1 behind their rookie QB Geno Smith.  Even with Geno learning he has found a way to lead the Jets to victory with a dismal running game, and a banged up receiving squad.  The Bills are 1-2 behind their rookie QB EJ Manuel, but the Bills are having more issues than anticipated.  Spiller is not putting up the numbers people had expected so its putting a lot of pressure on Manuel.  I can see the Patriots making a playoff push, but honestly I think the Dolphins could be a Wild Card team as long as they keep pulling wins.

In the AFC North the Bengals are playing some good football which has made them 2-1.  Andy Dalton has already put the ball in the end zone 5 times and has been connecting with AJ Green for a lot of them.  The Bengals have an improved run game as well with Ben Jarvus Green Ellis and Giovani Bernard making them a difficult offense to slow down.  The Ravens are also 2-1 even with the absence of Ray Rice and Jacoby Jones.   The Browns have traded away Trent Richardson and are talking about trading Greg Little and Josh Gordan which has made them a 1-2 team.  No one is really sure why the Browns are getting rid of all their playmakers, but thats Cleveland for ya.  The biggest surprise here is the Steelers being 0-3.  Big Ben and company have had a lot of offensive struggles and has been putting too much pressure on the defense.  I don’t see the Steelers making a playoff push this year, but I do think the Bengals have a strong chance to take the division.

The AFC South is a race thus far with the Texans, Titans, and Colts all being 2-1.  The Jaguars are exactly what we thought with a 0-3 record.  The Texans offense has not been as deadly as last year but they are finding ways to win.  Arian Foster is only averaging 3.9 yards per carry and has only had one rushing touchdown so far.  The Titans running game is much of the same with Chris Johnson only averaging 3.7 yards per carry and is yet to find the end zone.  The Colts acquired Trent Richardson from the Browns and is splitting carries with Ahmad Bradshaw which gives the Colts a huge advantage in the back field.  Andrew Luck is throwing the ball well and finding all his receivers in crucial situations.  The Jaguars are struggling everywhere, Maurice Jones-Drew is yet to have a breakout game, and the defense has allowed 92 points already which averages 30 points a game for opposing teams.  With three teams having the same record its hard to say who will come out on top, but as of right now I think the Colts have the best chance.

Finally the AFC West its the Broncos and Chiefs who have 3-0 records.  It has been a shock with the Chiefs since they were the worst team in the NFL last year and now with a new head coach and new players they are undefeated.  Alex Smith is not going to put up Peyton Manning numbers, but Smith does have 4 passing touchdowns and zero interceptions.  Jamaal Charles is also stepping up by having 2 rushing touchdowns and averaging 4.3 yards per carry.  The Broncos are playing behind their veteran QB Peyton Manning who leads the NFL in touchdown passes with 12 and zero interceptions.  Manning also leads the NFL in passing yards with 1,143 and completing 73% of his passes.  The Raiders and Chargers are both 1-2, but the Chargers are showing life in Rivers.  Philip Rivers is second in the NFL in touchdown passes with 8 and only 1 interception.  The Raiders are struggling, but they have found a diamond in the rough with Pryor.  The Broncos will win the division, but the Chiefs could be a wild card team.



Adrian Peterson is arguably the best running of our time; even one of the best running backs of all time.  Adrian Peterson made an immediate impact in the NFL and he has been a dominating force ever since.  Peterson has had to overcome a lot of personal adversity, injuries, and family issues to get where he is today.  It is very rare to find a running back who plays like Peterson does.  In the NFL today he is a true inspiration to current players and the perfect role model for young players who want to follow in his foot steps.

Adrian Lewis Peterson was born March 21st, 1985 in Texas to Bonita Brown and Nelson Peterson.  Both of his parents were amazing athletes.  Nelson was a shooting guard for Idaho State and his mother was a three-time Texas state champion at her high school and attended University of Houston on a full scholarship for track.  Adrian was very close to his brother Brian, when Adrian was 7 he saw his brother get killed by a drunk driver.  Adrian channeled his anger through sports and was a star Pop Warner football player by the time he was 12.  When Adrian was 13 his father was arrested for laundering money for a cocaine drug ring.

In high school Peterson also did track and field along with basketball and football.  Adrian was better at football than anything else and as a junior at his high school he rushed for 2,051 yards and 22 touchdowns.  Because of his junior year performance he was attracting a lot of Division I colleges by the time his senior year came around.  As a senior he blew up even more; he rushed for an astounding 2,960 yards and 32 touchdowns.  It was highly debated that Peterson might go straight from high school to the NFL, but he wanted to get an education from a college.  He had offers from Texas, Texas A&M, UCLA, and Miami; but Peterson wanted to go to a school where he could be a big part of the team and had a National Title shot.  After being ranked the best high school player in the country he decided to go to Oklahoma.

Peterson wasted no time making a name for himself at Oklahoma; his freshman year he led the nation in carries and rushed for 1,925 yards.  As a freshman he finished second in the Heisman Trophy race which is just unbelievable for a freshman.  The Sooners finished their perfect season and went to the 2005 Orange Bowl where they lost to the USC Trojans.  Because of his hard running he had to have a surgery on his shoulder as soon as the season was over so he could re-build the muscle around his joint.  As a sophomore he was hampered by a high ankle sprain most of the season, but still pounded out 1,208 yards and 14 touchdowns.  The Sooners finished 8-4 which was the worst season they had since 1999.  That season Peterson was awarded a member of the All-Big 12 Conference Team.  As a junior his father was released from prison and could finally watch his son play.  Peterson missed 7 games due to a broken collar bone and despite being hurt he still managed 1,112 yards as a junior.  Peterson has learned to play though pain and that still shows to this day.  In his college career he ended up with 4,045 yards, made the All-American Team, won the Jim Brown Trophy, and was a Heisman Finalist.

Peterson decided to skip his senior year and go into the NFL Draft.  He was chosen by the Minnesota Vikings with the 7th overall pick in 2007.  After being drafted he signed a 6 year $40.5 million contract.  There were high hopes going into his rookie year and he did not disappoint.  He was setting franchise records and NFL records in his first year.  In one game he rushed for an NFL record 296 yards against the Chargers.  Toward the end of his rookie year he was injured and missed a month, but he still came back.  In 2008 he was a machine and led the NFL in rushing yards with 1,760 rushing yards.  This was the year that everyone really saw how good Peterson really was; he had some issues fumbling the ball, but that is something that he fixed in order to be a better player.  In 2009 the Vikings saw the arrival of Brett Favre and that diminished Peterson a little bit.  It was a great season for the Vikings, but they just fell short of the Super Bowl.  In 2010 he went over the 5,000 career rushing yard mark and was averaging 114 yards per game.  This season he only fumbled one time which was a huge improvement over previous years.  In 2011 the Vikings re-signed Peterson to a 7 year $96 million contract making him the highest paid running back in NFL history.  At the end of the season Peterson had a terrible injury and tore his ACL and MCL.  That kind of injury would take a normal person at least 14 months to recover from.  As determined as Peterson was he was playing football again just 8 months later.  In 2012 he had the best season he ever had by almost beating the NFL Record for rushing yards in a season.  He also earned NFL MVP honors.

In his career he has earned the 2007 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, 2012 NFL MVP, 2012 NFL Offensive Player of the Year,  5 Pro Bowls, 2 Rushing Titles, Pro Bowl MVP, and numerous NFL records.  Peterson still has a lot of years ahead of him and he has already had 8,849 rushing yards, 76 rushing touchdowns, and averaging 5 yards per carry.  Peterson is going to be around for a long time, and he has demonstrated that you can overcome anything that you set your mind to.  He pushes himself to a place where most people dare not go and he is getting rewarded for that effort.  Young players can learn a lot from a player like Peterson.

There have already been some huge contracts in the history of the NFL, but it seems like every season someone becomes the new “highest paid athlete”.  I am not saying that these players have not earned a big contract, but sometimes it seems like they over pay these players just so they will not go to another team.  It sometimes feels like players are now chasing money and not chasing the Hall of Fame.  Below are the highest paid NFL players in 2013…so far (the amount included is per year).

1. Joe Flacco (Ravens) – Flacco just took his team to the Super Bowl and he was named the Super Bowl MVP.  Sounds impressive right?  I really don’t think so.  Joe has been a decent QB since joining the Ravens, but 2012 was the first year he took the team to the Super Bowl, and most experts will say that Flacco is a mediocre QB at best.  So the fact that the Ravens gave him a $20,100,000 contract really shocked me.  He is going to have to prove that he is worth that amount in the upcoming seasons.

2. Drew Brees (Saints) – Now this may seem hypocritical; but Brees is a QB that has proven his worth for a long time.  So the fact that he has a $20,000,000 contract doesn’t shock me.  Brees has won a Super Bowl with the Saints and he is considered by most to be one of the best QBs of our time.  Brees has been to numerous Pro Bowls, won numerous awards, and took a struggling Saints team to the Super Bowl.  Brees has been setting and breaking NFL records over the last few seasons and he is a perfect role model for young players everywhere.

3. Peyton Manning (Broncos) – Manning is a future Hall of Famer and after a serious neck injury a few seasons ago everyone thought he was done.  Manning has proven that he is still an elite QB so the fact that the Broncos have him on a $19,200,000 contract does not shock me.  There were a lot of questions about Manning before the 2012 season started and he shocked the world by taking the Broncos to the playoffs.  Manning is now surrounded by players in Denver and the Broncos will be in the Super Bowl hunt in 2013.

4. Tony Romo (Cowboys) – Romo has been an up and down QB since coming into the NFL.  He has not been good in the playoffs and he is not consistent in his passing.  I think I can speak for everyone when I say; “I don’t think Romo is worth $18,000.000 per year.”  The Cowboys have had one playoff win in the last 5 years and that has been with Romo leading the team.  With Romo accepting this huge contract he really is in a make or break season.  If he has another inconsistent season I think the Cowboys might finally be done with him.  The good news is that the Cowboys have a some what easy schedule in 2013.

5. Calvin Johnson (Lions) – Megatron has earned a big contract and he is a power house when it comes to catching the ball.  The Lions have Johnson for $16,200,000 and Calvin has been busting his butt to show the league that he is worth that.  Johnson did re-structure his contract with the Lions recently, but he will still be one of the highest paid players in the NFL.

+Other Players with Large Contracts+
Eli Manning (Giants) – $16,200,000
Larry Fitzgerald – $16,140,000
Mario Williams (Bills) – $16,000,000
Matt Schaub (Texans) – $15,500,000
Philip Rivers (Chargers) – $15,300,000
Jay Cutler (Bears) – $14,600,000
Adrian Peterson (Vikings) – $14,300,000
Julius Peppers (Bears) – $14,000,000
Chris Johnson (Titans) – $13,400,000
Darrelle Revis (Bucs) – $13,000,000