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Receivers are becoming very useful in Fantasy Football over the past few years since most teams are becoming “pass first” teams.  There are some fantasy teams who will draft a receiver first especially if they are in a high passing offense like the Lions or Broncos.  There is still a few months before the season even starts, but it is still a good time to get an idea of what receivers are going to be beneficial to your fantasy team.  Just like with running backs there are a lot of players on new teams so before you draft a receiver make sure you think about who is throwing them the ball and who is protecting the QB.  It doesn’t matter how good a WR is; if the QB cant get them the ball then they are useless.

1. Calvin Johnson – Lions
2. Demaryius Thomas – Broncos
3. Brandon Marshall – Bears
4. Julio Jones – Falcons
5. AJ Green – Bengals
6. Dez Bryant – Cowboys
7. Alshon Jeffery – Bears
8. Jordy Nelson – Packers
9. Antonio Brown – Steelers
10. Randall Cobb – Packers
11. Larry Fitzgerald – Cardinals
12. Michael Crabtree – 49ers
13. Pierre Garcon – Redskins
14. Andre Johnson – Texans
15. Vincent Jackson – Bucs
16. Keenan Allen – Chargers
17. Julian Edelman – Patriots
18. Wes Welker – Broncos
19. Victor Cruz – Giants
20. Roddy White – Falcons
21. Percy Harvin – Seahawks
22. DeSean Jackson – Redskins
23. Golden Tate – Lions
24. Emmanuel Sanders – Broncos
25. Michael Floyd – Cardinals
26. Mike Wallace – Dolphins
27. Kendall Wright – Titans
28. Jeremy Maclin – Eagles
29. Torrey Smith – Ravens
30. Marques Colston – Saints
31. Reggie Wayne – Colts
32. Eric Decker – Jets
33. Terrance Williams – Cowboys
34. TY Hilton – Colts
35. Dwayne Bowe – Chiefs
36. Riley Cooper – Eagles
37. Greg Jennings – Vikings
38. Sammy Watkins – Bills
39. Anquan Boldin – 49ers
40. Mike Evans – Bucs

Now obviously there are a lot more receivers; but after this point in a draft it is really hit or miss with these guys.  I remember in 2013 most people didn’t even know who Alshon Jeffery was, and now he is going to be one of the better receivers in 2014.  You can always find sleepers in this category; you just need to have an understanding of what team they play for and the type of offense they are in.  Remember, if its a young QB under center or even a new QB its hard to really rely on that QB to get the ball to the receivers consistently.  I am not saying they cant, but its a reach to think otherwise.  Also, don’t ever underestimate how good or bad an offensive line is.  If the offensive line cant protect the QB, then obviously the receivers are not going to get many looks. 


Yet another edition of the 2013 Fantasy Football Busts.  I know that all of my “Busts” are totally subjective; but based off the information I have either read or heard on TV I have concluded these players to not do as well as most people think.  If you have not read my first volume of Busts you can find that on my home page.  There will be one more edition of this coming out in about a week, but in the mean time here is another crop of players who I will be staying away from in my fantasy drafts.

Ryan Mathews RB Chargers – The Chargers used to have one of the best rushing attacks in the NFL; but now they are one of the worst and Mathews is not helping.  He has been plagued with injuries and has not lived up to expectations.  Not to mention that the Chargers also have Ronnie Brown and Danny Woodhead in the back field.  I am not planning on Mathews making a huge splash this year.

Mark Ingram RB Saints – Ingram is a solid, strong, and tough runner; but the problem is that he is on a pass first team and there is a grip of running backs fighting for the starting spot.  Ingram has had some injury issues, but I think if he was on a team that ran the ball then he could be a good fantasy option.  Sproles is the main running back since he has speed; and Ingram and Thomas will be battling for the starting job. 

Any St. Louis RB – It is an absolute mess over in St. Louis and I don’t see a situation where one of the three RBs will emerge as a good fantasy option.  There is Pead, Richardson, and Stacy.  All of them are young; and none of them have too much experience and that makes them all a very shaky fantasy option.  I do not see a situation where I would have any of those guys on my fantasy team. 

Danario Alexander WR Chargers – This is another player who is yet to play a full NFL season due to injuries.  Philip Rivers used to be one of the most dependable passers in the NFL, but over the last few seasons he has been turning the ball over a lot.  If Danario can stay healthy then maybe I will change my mind, but it is hard to put a lot of faith into a WR that cannot stay healthy. 

Sidney Rice WR Seahawks – Back when Rice was with the Vikings I remember having him on my team and he would always put up strong numbers.  Since going over to Seattle he has not had the same fire he once had.  He has had numerous injuries and spotty fantasy numbers.  Now with Seattle bringing in Percy Harvin that drops his stock even lower.  If Rice is available for your very last pick he may be nice to have; but do not plan on using him that much.

Jermichael Finley TE Packers – I know it seems strange to put a Green Bay receiver on this list, but Finley is kind of the odd man out in Green Bay.  A few seasons ago, Finley was one of the elite tight ends and was putting up great fantasy numbers, but now he has a reputation for dropping passes and his touchdowns have gone down quite a bit.  I am not saying you should not draft Finley, but I would use him as a back up player.

Robert Griffin III QB Redskins – Now I am sure people think I am crazy for putting RGIII on this bust list but I have very valid concerns.  Redskins are a run first team, he is coming off a terrible knee injury, and his receivers are kind of unreliable.  I know that RGIII is going to be a great QB, but the 2013 season makes me kind of concerned and even though I had him on my team last year; I do not think I would take a chance on him this year.  He may prove me wrong but for now I feel he will be a bust.