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Through the years we have seen some extraordinary defenses in the NFL.  An NFL team is only as good as their defense; you can have the best offense in the league but if you don’t have a defense to back it up then you’re team will still lose.  Offenses can only score, but defenses can score and stop the other team from scoring.  Below is the best defenses that the NFL has ever seen (in no particular order).

1. 1969 Kansas City Chiefs:  This defense had 5 future defensive Hall of Famers and it was one of the main reasons that the Chiefs won the Super Bowl.  In the playoffs the Chiefs allowed less than 20 points in three games.  In the regular season they had 2 shut outs and in 7 games allowed less than 10 points.  The Chiefs used a “Triple Stack Defense” which gave the linebackers freedom to roam and have better vision on the field.  The 1969 Chiefs will always be one of the best defense the NFL has ever seen.

2. 1975 Los Angeles Rams:  The Rams went 12-2 in 1975 and the defense only allowed 9.6 points per game.  The defense was almost impossible to score on; they were anchored by Jack Youngblood, Merlin Olsen, Fred Dryer, Isiah Robertson, and Dave Elmendorf.  They did not have success in the playoffs by losing to the Cowboys in the Conference Championship Game.  But during the regular season the Rams had the most feared defense in the NFL.

3. 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, John Lynch, and Ronde Barber, add all those together and you get a defense that takes the ball away a lot.  The Bucs had 4 straight games where the defense scored a touchdown and had a record of 12-4.  This was Grudens first season with the Bucs and had a sweet victory over the Raiders in the Super Bowl, thanks to his amazing defense.  In 9 regular season games the Bucs held their opponents to less than 10 points.  And it was fitting that Dexter Jackson (a defensive player) got the Super Bowl MVP.

4. 1990 New York Giants:  Not only was the defense feared, it had the most feared player of all time…Lawrence Taylor.  The Giants went on to be 13-3 despite a very challenging schedule including 7 playoff bound teams.  And the defense shined in the playoffs by only allowing 3 points in the Divisional Game, only 13 points in the NFC Championship Game, and only 19 points in the Super Bowl victory.  In the regular season the Giants only allowed 13.2 points per game.  The 1990 Giants were ranked as the 6th best defense of all time by the NFL.

5. 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers: “The Steel Curtain”; full of defensive nightmares like Jack Lambert, “Mean Joe” Greene, Jack Ham, and Mel Blount.  In the last 9 games of the regular season the Steelers only allowed 28 points.  They were only one game away from the Super Bowl before losing to the Raiders in the AFC Championship Game.  Even without the Super Bowl the 1976 Steelers will always be considered one of the best defense ever put together.

6. 1985 Chicago Bears: There was no way I was going to make this list without including the 1985 Bears.  Now the Bears had an amazing offense, but it was the defense that helped them had a 15-1 record.  In seven games this defense allowed less than 10 points, but in the playoffs they had a shut out in the Divisional and Conference Championship Games.  Then in the Super Bowl they only allowed 10 points in the beating of the Patriots.  This defense had numerous studs on defense like Mike Singletary, William Perry, and Richard Dent.  They had an outstanding linebacking crew and was ranked #2 by the NFL as the best defense of all time, right behind the 1972 Dolphins.

7. 1972 Miami Dolphins: The undefeated season was anchored by their incredible defense.  Even with their amazing offense the “No-Name Defense” which was led by Nick Buoniconti, Bill Stanfield, Dick Anderson, and Jake Scott.  The defense had 3 games that allowed no points and only allowed 7 points in the Super Bowl.  In the season the defense only allowed 12.1 points and in the playoffs the defense allowed only 12.6 points.  This defense has gone down in history as the only defense to not allow a loss.

8. 1971 Minnesota Vikings: “The Purple People Eaters” had a defensive motto “meet at the quarterback”; and meet at the quarterback they did.  This defense was led by Alan Page who ended up being the NFL Defensive Player of the Year and League MVP.  This stingy defense only allowed 9.9 points per game and held quarterbacks to a rating of 40.4 for the whole season.  The defense had 3 shut outs and only one opponent scored more than 20 points.  The defense also included Carl Eller and Paul Krause which were All-Pros.

9. 2000 Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens offense was not too sharp and the defense was the reason why they did so well.  The defense had 4 shutouts and in the regular season they only allowed 10.3 points.  They had an incredible lineup with Ray Lewis, Tony Siragusa, Peter Boulware, and Rod Woodson.  The team got into the playoffs as a Wild Card and in 4 playoff games they only allowed 23 points and went on to win the Super Bowl.  Even though they were not the most complete team this Ravens defense will always be one of the best defenses ever.