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There have been 47 Super Bowls and some of those games have been kind of boring; and then some have left us on the edge of out seats.  The Super Bowl is what every football player dreams of, playing in front of millions, getting a championship ring, and cementing a legacy for yourself and your team.  Below is my list of the best Super Bowls ever played.

9. Super Bowl XXVIII – Patriots pinned against the Panthers and it was a close one.  The Patriots were 14-2 while the under dog Panthers were 11-5.  It was kind of a slow game until the second quarter, and then the game opened up.  Between the two teams there was 868 yards of offense and combined 61 points.  The Panthers hung in there for the entire game and actually took a 4th quarter lead.  I remember watching the game and knowing Brady was going to drive them down the field.  Brady got the Pats into field goal range and Vinatieri drilled another game winning field goal.  Final score was Patriots 32 and Panthers 29.

8. Super Bowl XXXII – This game is memorable due to the quarterback match-up.  Broncos and Packers were two power houses going into the Super Bowl with Favre leading the Packers and Elway guiding the Broncos.  The Packers were looking to win their second straight Super Bowl, but the Broncos had other plans.  The Broncos had never won a Super Bowl before and Elway and Davis made sure that the Packers did not win.  Davis ran for 3 touchdowns and Elways famous “helicopter run” showed how hungry the Broncos were for a Championship.  Favre almost had a comeback, but it was not meant to be.  The final score was Broncos 31 and Packers 24.

7. Super Bowl XLIII – I remember watching this Super Bowl and found myself rooting for the under dog Cardinals even though the Steelers were favored to win.  This was the first time the Cardinals had ever been to the Super Bowl and the Steelers have the most Super Bowl experience.  The Cardinals hung in there despite being down 17 to 7 at halftime.  Right before halftime; Harrison picked off Warner and took it back 100 yards for a TD.  In the 4th quarter Larry Fitzgerald went off scoring two touchdowns, but it was the touchdown by Santonio Holmes at the end of the game that sealed the deal for the Steelers.  Final score Steelers 27 and Cardinals 23.

6. Super Bowl XXXVI – Believe it or not the Patriots were the under dogs against the Rams in this game.  The first half of this game was all Patriots; by halftime the score was 14 to 3 for New England.  Going into the 4th quarter the score was New England 17 and Rams 3; then Kurt Warner went on a rampage by running in a touchdown and throwing another one to tie the game with only a few minutes left on the clock.  On the Patriots final drive, Brady was amazing.  He drove his team down the field and set them up for the game winning field goal, which Vinatieri nailed.  Final score was Patriots 20 and Rams 17.

5. Super Bowl XXIII – The 49ers were set to play the Bengals in what was supposed to be a lop-sided game for the 49ers.  Through the first 3 quarters the 49ers were having lots of struggles and the Bengals jumped to a 13 to 6 lead.  When the 4th quarter came; so did the Niners offense and Joe Montana had a touchdown to Jerry Rice to tie the game.  But the Bengals held in and put together a drive that ended in a field goal to regain the lead.  The 49ers were up against the wall and Montana had to deliver on the last drive.  Montana was perfect in driving the team down the field and hit John Taylor on a 10-yard touchdown pass to seal the win for the 49ers.  Final score 49ers 20 and Bengals 16.

4. Super Bowl XXXIV – We always talk about how the offense goes on a final drive to win the game, but in the Super Bowl with the Rams and Titans it was the defense that had to step it up at the end.  It was all Rams the first half, by halftime it was Rams 9 and Titans 0; then in the third quarter the Rams scored the first touchdown to extend the lead to 16.  That is when the Titans realized they needed to get to work and fast; so Eddie George put the team on his shoulders and ran for 2 touchdowns and the Titans scored a field goal to tie the game at 16.  That was when Kurt Warner tossed a beautiful 73 yard touchdown to Isaac Bruce to regain the lead.  The Titans had one last chance and McNair was driving the Titans down the field one play at a time.  With no timeouts left the Titans had one play left and they needed a touchdown.  They were on the Rams 10 yard line, no timeouts, six seconds left.  McNair drops back and connects on a pass to Dyson, linebacker Mike Jones grabbed Dysons legs and brought him to the ground as Dyson reached out for the goal line, only to be stopped at the 1-yard line.  The final score Rams 23 and Titans 16.

3. Super Bowl XLII – Patriots went into the Super Bowl undefeated and looking to join the Dolphins as being the only undefeated team to win a Super Bowl.  But the Wild Card Giants were not going to lay down and take it.  There were very few people who thought the Giants could knock off the Patriots….very few.  The game was back and fourth most of the time and it was the fourth quarter where all the action took place.  The Giants took the lead when Manning hit Tyree for a touchdown, but the Pats answered back with a touchdown to Moss with only 2:42 left to play.  The final drive was a crazy one and Manning orchestrated one of the craziest pass plays in NFL history.  He ran around from defenders then chucked the ball to the middle of the field where Tyree caught the ball off his helmet, and then Manning hit Burress for the go ahead score.  The Patriots had no answer and ended up losing the final game.  The final score Giants 17 and Patriots 14.

2. Super Bowl XIII – This was an amazing match-up between the Steelers and the Cowboys.  14 future Hall of Famers played in this game and it was a Super Bowl I wish I could have seen live.  The Steelers and Cowboys were exchanging scores all the way up to the 4th quarter.  Then the Steelers scored two straight touchdowns to give them a 35 to 17 lead.  The Cowboys came back though with a pair of touchdowns of their own.  The play that will always be remembered is the play that would have won it for the Cowboys.  Staubach threw a pass to the endzone and it hit Jackie Smith right between the numbers and he dropped it.  That swung the game over to the Steelers who hung on to win it.  Final score was Steelers 35 and Cowboys 31.

1. Super Bowl XXV – This was a very intense Super Bowl between the Bills and the Giants.  Both teams played great football with no turnovers and very evenly matched.  The Bills were predicted to win, but the Giants held their ground and gave them a run for thei money.  At one point the Bills were up 12 to 3 after a Bruce Smith safety, but that is when the Giants cut the lead by Baker catching a touchdown pass to make it 12 to 10.  The Giants then scored again on a 1-yard Anderson touchdown to give the Giants a 17 to 12 lead.  In the fourth quarter Thurman Thomas had a 31-yard touchdown run to give the Bills a 19 to 17 lead.  The Giants then put together a nice long drive that ended in a field goal to push the Giants to a 20 to 19 lead.  Buffalo then rode on the shoulders of Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas and they drove down to the Giants 29 yard line to set up a Norwood field goal with only 8 seconds left.  As the kick went up it looked long enough, but it sailed wide right and the Giants held on to win 20 to 19.


It is never too early to do predictions for the Super Bowl.  I always like to make my first prediction about one week before the NFL Draft happens.  With the majority of the free agency done NFL teams are now focusing on the Draft and I am focusing on who is going to be contenders for the 2013 season.  Below are the teams that I feel have the best chances to get to the Super Bowl.  I will be doing 4 teams from the AFC and 4 teams from the NFC.

+AFC Super Bowl Contenders+
1. Denver Broncos – No real surprise here; I think any expert can see that the Broncos are going to be a very hard team to beat.  The only mistake the Broncos did in the off-season was lose Dumervill to a fax machine.  They were able to keep their offensive line in place to protect Manning and make Moreno or McGahee have a great rushing season.  Not to mention that they picked up Wes Welker from the Patriots; and that just adds to an already dangerous passing squad.  And on defense they picked up Terrance Knighton from the Jaguars and Rodgers-Cromartie from the Eagles to add to an already stingy defense.  The only thing that could hold the Broncos back is themselves.  Since this team is stacked with talent they could get greedy over their own personal statistics.  As long as they keep playing like a team, they should have no problem getting to the Super Bowl.

2. New England Patriots – Once again; this is no surprise to anyone.  They lost Welker, but picked up Amendola right away.  As long as the receivers can stay healthy then Brady will have a hay day passing the ball.  The Patriots also kept their offensive line together and signed Vollmer to a new contract.  Ridley will be returning as the starting running back and there is no question in my mind that he will be a huge factor in the offense again.  On defense they did re-sign Talib for their secondary, Kyle Arrington was also re-signed, and they picked up Adrian Wilson from the Cardinals as a strong safety.  Even with the defensive moves I still feel that the defense is where the Patriots will lose games.  Hopefully in the draft they can get some defensive depth to help their defense.

3. Houston Texans – Every year these guys get better and they are a very exciting team to watch.  The defense lost a few people, but the biggest pickup they could have asked for and they ended up getting was Ed Reed.  Reed is going to be a leader on the Texans defense just like he was on the Ravens defense.  Also, the Texans defense is stacked with talent like JJ Watt, Cushing, and Joseph.  So adding Reed into that is going to make the Texans that much harder to beat.  On offense there were no real changes; they did release Walter because I think they are going to try and draft a WR to play opposite of Andre Johnson.  As far as the offense, they are still going to be stacked as ever with Foster, Johnson, Daniels, and Schaub.  As long as Schaub can get the ball to his receivers and Foster runs like he always does; then the Texans will be a force to be reckoned with.

4. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck took this team from the worst to a playoff team in one season.  There is no doubt in my mind that this team will keep getting better with him.  The Colts made some move in the off-season on offense that will be helpful.  They added Heyward-Bey after losing Avery to the Chiefs, they added some beef on the O-line by signing Cherilus, and Luck has been training like a mad man to sharpen his skills.  On defense they had a great pick up with Jean-Francois from the 49ers and Landry from the Jets.  Hopefully in the Draft the Colts will be able to pick up some defensive guys to help in the secondary.  That’s where the Colts got beat last season and if they can get some of these DBs in the Draft then they will be a contender as well.

+NFC Super Bowl Contenders+
1. Atlanta Falcons – Not only do the Falcons have offensive weapons in Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez; but now they added Steven Jackson to run the ball.  That is a wicked scary offense right there and its going to drive defenses crazy trying to stop them.  The Falcons also were able to keep the O-line pretty much the same, but they should take some OL in the Draft to be sure.  On defense they will need to fill the hole that Grimes and Abraham left.  The good news in that the Falcons just signed Osi Umenyiora from the Giants and that is going to help the Falcons pass rush a lot.  The Falcons do have a good defense, but if they were smart they would try to Draft some guys or pick up a few more free agents to keep the defense solid.

2. San Francisco 49ers – The defending NFL Champs are going to have another great Super Bowl run in 2013.  They lost Alex Smith to the Chiefs, but Kap has been working out everyday since the Super Bowl to stay on top of his game.  The Niners did acquire Boldin from the Ravens and that is going to add so much to the pass game that already has Vernon Davis and Crabtree.  The Niners are very deep at running back with Gore, Hunter, and James and the O-line is one of the best in the NFL.  On defense the Niners did lose some people, but they are already replacing them like signing Dahl from the Rams, Dorsey from the Chiefs, and Asomugha from the Eagles.  The 49ers had one of the best defenses in 2012 and they will continue to be a very hard team to beat.

3. Seattle Seahawks – The Seahawks had one of the best free agency years in the history of the NFL.  They acquired Percy Harvin, Cliff Avril, and Michael Bennett.  They trimmed the fat by letting go of Flynn and some other players.  On offense the amazing Wilson will pick up right where he left off, Lynch is healthy, and now Wilson has a group of receivers to throw to.  On defense they beefed it up and they are going to be one of the hardest defenses to run or pass on.  Even with the free agency pick ups they still have Wagner and Sherman on defense.  The NFC West used to be the joke of the NFL; now they are the powerhouse of the NFL.

4. Minnesota Vikings – This is my upset pick in the NFC.  Many people would not choose the Vikings to have a Super Bowl year.  Well in 2013, they will have a good chance.  They have the best RB in the game with Adrian Peterson, they just picked up Greg Jennings, Rudolph is returning, and the offensive line is looking good.  The one big question on offense is the QB situation.  Ponder needs to improve his game or Cassel could take his spot.  As long as the Vikings have a decent QB they rest of the offense will do the rest.  On defense they have one of the best tacklers in the NFL with Greenway, not to mention Jared Allen is a huge presence on defense as well.  Believe it or not but the Vikings will be a contender in 2013.

This post was inspired by my sister who asked me to do a “Best Super Bowl Halftime Shows” blog.  Since I normally dont watch the Halftime Show I really dont know who has done the best one.  But it gave me a good idea to do this list about player performances in the Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl is the game that every player wants to play in and everyone wants to play their very best.  There have been a lot of players who have had great performances, these are the best ones in my opinion (in no particular order).

1. Thurman Thomas – Bills: In Super Bowl XXV Thurman Thomas played an amzing game just for his team to come up short against the Giants.  Thomas rushed for 135 on 15 carries, and also had 55 receiving yards on 5 catches.  In the 4th quarter Thomas had a 31 yard touchdown run that gave the Bills the lead, but the Giants scored on a field goal that won the Super Bowl.

2. Troy Aikman: In Super Bowl XXVII the Cowboys trounced the Bills 52-17 and that victory was led by 9 turnovers by the Bills and a stellar performance by Aikman.  Aikman threw 4 TDs and 273 yards to win the Super Bowl MVP.  Two of Aikmans touchdowns went to MIchael Irvin and Aikman completed 22 of 30 passes  Aikman capitalized on the Bills turnovers by scoring 35 points off those turnovers. 

3. James Washington: Here is our first defensive player to make the list.  In Super Bowl XXVIII the Cowboys met the Bills again only to have the Cowboys beat them again 30 to 13.  Once again the defense played a big factor in the victory and that defense was led by James Washington.  In the third quarter Washington scooped up a fumble and ran 46 yards for a TD, He also had a fourth quarter interception, and had 11 tackles.  He didnt win the MVP but Washingtoon was a big factor in the Super Bowl.

4. Ricky Sanders: In Super Bowl XXII the Redskins destroyed the Broncos 42 to 10.  There have been many receivers that have had amazing Super Bowls and Sanders sometimes gets forgotten about.  In the game Sanders caught 2 long TD passes, 9 catches, and 193 receiving yards.  Sanders touchdown catches both came in the second quarter and one was a 50 yarder and the other was an 80 yarder.  Even though Doug Williams was the MVP, Sanders was the reason that Williams had such a good game.

5. Mike Vrabel: In Super Bowl XXXVIII Vrabel was literally all over the field.  The Patriots and Panthers played one of the best Super Bowls in history that ended up with the Patriots winning 32 to 29.  The key to this game was Vrabel and his performance on both sides of the ball.  He had 6 tackles, two sacks, and a forced fumble on defense.  Then on offense he caught a short touchdown pass from Brady for the go-ahead score. 

6. Kurt Warner: I remember watching this Super Bowl and being on the edge of my seat the whole game.  There are many memorable plays and players from this Super Bowl; like Mike Jones tackle on Dyson at the 1 yard line to win the game.  But the player that had the biggest impact was Warner with his Super Bowl record 414 passing yards and 2 touchdowns which earned him the Super Bowl MVP.  The Rams won 23-16 over the Titans in one of the most dramatic Super Bowls in NFL history.

7. Terrell Davis: In Super Bwol XXXII the Broncos squared off with the Packers.  Davis had a severe migraine and missed part of the game, but that didnt stop him from rushing for 157 yards and a Super Bowl record 3 rushing touchdowns.  The game was close for the most part, but David had the go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter to seal the victory for the Broncos.  Davis also earned MVP honors for his performance.

8. Jack Lambert: It was the Steelers and Rams in Super Bowl XIV and Lambert was the defensive monster that made sure the Rams would not win the Super Bowl.  The Steelers in the 70s were full of Hall of Famers, but on this day it was Lambert that showed why he was a Hall of Famer.  He had an amazing 14 tackles and a 4th quarter interception to seal the victory for the Steelers.  Lambert may not have won the MVP but he was the MVP of that game.

9. Rod Martin: Most people probably dont even know who he is at all.  Martin holds the Super Bowl record for interceptions in a Super Bowl; and he is an outside linebacker.  In Super Bowl VX the Raiders were pinned up against the Eagles.  Martin set the tone for the game by getting a quick interception which set the tone for the whole game.  By the end of the game he had 5 tackles and 3 interceptions that defined the game and sealed the victory for the Raiders.  Jim Plunkett was the MVP of the game but Martin deserved to be a co-MVP with the performance he had.  The Raiders won by the score of 27 to 10.

10. Timmy Smith: Here is another player from Super Bowl XXII that had an amazing performance.  Smith was a rookie out of Texas Tech and the Broncos could not stop him the whole game.  He ended up scoring 2 touchdowns and ran for a Super Bowl record 204 yards.  This game was a Redskin free for all and in the second quarter alone the Skins scored 35 points on their way to a 42 to 10 victory over the Broncos.  Smith may not of had a big NFL career, but he stepped up when it counted and had an amazing Super Bowl game.

11. Lynn Swann: Most people would disagree for me to put Swann on this list because he only had 4 catches in the game.  The reason why I am putting him on the list is because all 4 of his catches had a huge impact in Super Bowl X.  It was the Steelers and the Cowboys and Swann had 4 catches, 161 yards, and a touchdown.  In the 4th quarter Swann hauled in a 64 yeard touchdown that proved to be the deciding score to seal the victory for the Steelers.  And this is the Super Bowl where Swann made the amazing catch after it was tipped and while he was falling to the ground.

12. Jerry Rice: There are many great Super Bowl performances by Rice, but the one that stands out is Super Bowl XXIII where the 49ers played the Bengals.  At halftime the game was tied at 3 to 3; it was a snooze fest.  Rice was steady the whole game and caught 11 passes and a Super Bowl record 215 yards.  In the 4th quarter Rice caught a 14 yard touchdown pass to tie the game and gave the 49ers the spark they needed to drive down the field one more time to win the game.  Rice was the games MVP and this will always be his greatest performance in a Super Bowl.

13. Marcus Allen: In Super Bowl XVIII Allen had a hay day against the Redskins.  The Redskins had a very respectable defense that year and they were the defending Super Bowl Champs; so I dont think anyone expected the Raiders to beat them 38 to 9.  This was the Super Bowl where Allen had that amazing 74 yard touchdown run in the 3rd quarter that has been seen as one of the best runs in the NFL.  By the end of the of the game Allen had 191 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns that earned him the MVP of the game.

14. Joe Montana: It’s hard to say which Super Bowl is Montanas best because every Super Bowl he played in was amazing.  Just purely based on stats I have to go with Super Bowl XXIV when the 49ers trounced the Broncos 55 to 10.  Montana threw for 297 yars, 5 touchdown passes, and earned Super Bowl MVP for the third time.  Three of Joes touchdowns went to Jerry Rice and in the 4 Super Bowls that Montana played in he threww 11 TDs and zero interceptions earning him the name “Joe Cool”.

15. Steve Young: In Super Bowl XXIX the 49ers were up against the Chargers.  The 49ers were projected to win, but nobody was expecting Young to do what he did.  On the 49ers first drive Young set a record for scoring the fastest TD in Super Bowl history.  Also, on the 49ers first 2 drives Young threw 2 TDs.  By the end of the game Young threw a Super Bowl record 6 touchdowns and 325 yards which earned him the Super Bowl MVP.  The final score was 49 to 26 and combined there were 10 TDs and a combined score of 75 which still remains a Super Bowl record.