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Every team has some sort of throwback jersey that they will sometimes wear for an important game, or for an anniversary for the team.  Some throwbacks are really cool to look at and some are just awful to look at.  This list complies all the best looking throwback jerseys in NFL history (in no particular order).

1. San Diego Chargers – The “Powder Blue” jersey are easily on of the most recognizable throwbacks of all time.  The Chargers wore these jerseys for a long time in franchise history.  They will still wear them from time to time and they are some of the best selling jerseys during the Tomlinson era.

2. Tennessee Titans – From time to time the Titans will wear the Houston Oilers throwback jerseys.  They added a little flash with the numbers, but I always enjoy these jerseys and it makes me miss the old Oliers.  These also have a nice powder blue to it just like the old Chargers uniforms.  I sometimes wish the Titans would go back to these jerseys permanently.

3. New England Patriots – I personally love the old Patriots jerseys because it represents the losing Patriots from the 1970s.  Times have changed and the Patriots are now a dynasty and I love seeing these red jerseys with the Patriot on the helmet.  Since the Patriots are considered “Americas Team” it would be cool to have the old red, white, and blue uniforms come back.

4. Philadelphia Eagles – I have never been a huge fan of the current Eagles uniforms.  I remember watching the old school Eagles and loving the kelly green uniforms with the silver trim.  The Eagles wear these throwbacks from time to time, but I wish Philadelphia would have never changed these amazing jerseys.

5. St Louis Rams – In my opinion the Rams have always had pretty cool looking jerseys, but I was always a big fan of the yellow and blue Rams jerseys.  The year the Rams won the Super Bowl they wore these jerseys and after that season the Rams updated their uniforms to more of a gold and darker blue.  The Rams actually wear these throwbacks pretty regularly and its awesome.

6. New York Giants – The Giants are another team that have made lots of alterations to their uniforms, but I was always partial to the throwbacks because of the helmet saying “Giants” down the side.  I don’t have anything against the current uniforms, but it also reminds me of the Lawrence Taylor days.

7. Buffalo Bills – I love the white helmets with the bison on the side.  The regular helmets are similar, but I love how the throwbacks are just easy and pretty plain.  I actually enjoy the current uniforms because they have been rocking those same uniforms for the longest time, but the throwbacks they were should be worn more.

8. Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys normally only wear these uniforms on Thanksgiving, but I love the plain white helmet with the plain blue star on it.  The jerseys are pretty silly in my opinion y having two separate colors on the shoulders and body, but they are still fun to see on occasion.


NFL Jerseys are some of the most popular items that fans will buy to support their team and their favorite player.  I personally have a dozen NFL Jerseys that I wear all the time.  Whats nice about jerseys is that the league, the team, and the player all benefit from jersey sales.  There are home jerseys, away jerseys, throw-back jerseys, alternate color jerseys, and Pro Bowl jerseys.  For those players who get traded from one team to another will normally sell tons of jerseys because the die hard fans and new fans will buy the new jersey.  So for those die hard fans you can multiple options of how you want to support your team.  Below is the top 10 players with the most jerseys sold.

10. Patrick Willis – San Francisco 49ers

9. Troy Polamalu – Pittsburgh Steelers

8. Tim Tebow – New York Jets

7. Victor Cruz – New York Giants

6. Andrew Luck – Indianapolis Colts

5. Tom Brady – New England Patriots

4. Eli Manning – New York Giants

3. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers

2. Peyton Manning – Denver Broncos

1. Robert Griffin III – Washington Redskins

From looking at this list it’s easy to see that fans in New York spend a lot of money on jerseys since 3 players on this list are from New York.  It’s surprising to me that Tebow is on this list.  The reason it shocks me is because players who sell the most jerseys are normally players who actually play.  Tebow had some success in Denver and has been riding the bench in New York; so people are spending money on a Tebow jersey to watch him sit on the bench.  All the other players on this list have been a huge influence on their teams.  And another amazing fact is that two of the players on this list are Rookies and they are already very popular because they are amazing players.  Both Luck and RGIII turned their losing teams into winning teams in less than a season.

There have been some very ugly uniforms in the NFL; most of them are throw backs or retro jerseys that teams will wear.  They will wear them either for rival games, to honor past teams, or for a nationally televised game.  The list below is my personal uniforms that were the ugliest of all time.  I chose these 8 uniforms as the ugliest; I know there are many more that are plenty pathetic, but these take the ugly cake.

1. 1994 Chicago Bears Throwbacks – The Bears wore them to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NFL.  I think they were very unattractive and gave a lot of people some good laughs.

2. 1970 Cincinnati Bengals – When I look at these uniforms I immediately see the Cleveland Browns.  I know it says Bengals on the side of the helmet, but it bears a strcking resemblance to the Browns.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers –  Do I really need to explain why these are ugly?  They decided to combine yellow and orange.  They decided to change the uniforms in the 90s, but for a long time the Bucs had to wear these terrible uniforms.

4. 1994 Green Bay Packers Throwbacks – When I think of the Packers I think yellow and green with a big “G” on the helmet.  When I look at these I think….”ewwww”.  For some reason blue was on the jersey and a solid yellow helmet.  Hopefully they never wear them again.

5. 2007 Philadelphia Eagles Throwbacks – These hideous uniforms were actually worn by the Frankford Yellow Jackets which is part of Philadelphia.  Once again I am used to seeing Green and Silver.  So the fact they are blue and yellow make it a terrible combo.

6. 2009 New York Jets – These uniforms were actually worn by the AFL Titans of New York in the 1960s.  In 2009 the Jets wore these to honor their 50 year anniversary of the AFL.

7. 2009 Denver Broncos – Brown and Yellow?  I dont even know what to say about these uniforms.  The Broncos who are orange and blue decided to pick these terrible colors and combine them in a way to be as ugly as possible.

8. 2009 Seattle Seahawks Lime Green – I can sum these uniforms up with one word….highlighter.  When I see them I just think highlighter green.  I know they have lime green in some of their trimmings, but to make the whole jersey that color was a silly choice.