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Now that the Draft is over we can sit back and see who benefited from the draft and who could have done better.  There were some teams who had very impressive picks and some others that made us all scratch our heads in wonder.  Below I have graded each team with how I think they did in the draft. 

Buffalo Bills – Overall Grade C+I think the Bills could have done better with some of their picks.  The pick that surprised me was picking EJ Manuel instead of Geno Smith.  I think Manuel will give Kolb a run for his money and it will be interesting to see who is starting once the season starts.  The Bills did address the issues they had with receivers and I think they snatched up two decent ones in Woods and Goodwin.

Miami Dolphins – Overall Grade B
I think it was smart to pick up Dion Jordan, but I was very confused on why the Dolphins waited until the 3rd round to pick up a lineman.  I know that Jordan will help beef up the defense and Jamar Taylor will help in the Dolphins secondary, but they really needed to focus on filling he hole that was left by Long when he went to the Rams.  From my point of view I think the Dolphins did well and they added a lot of defensive players that should be very beneficial.

New England Patriots – Overall Grade C+
The Pats did not get too many picks in 2013 so they really needed to make the most of it and I do not think they did.  Their first pick came in the 2nd round and I thin kit was wise to pick up Jamie Collins to help add some muscle to their defense.  Even their 3rd round pick was good by picking up Aaron Dobson to add another weapon for Tom Brady.  From the players the Pats took I do not see any immediate starters, but they could be impact players in certain situations.

New York Jets – Overall Grade B
Really I was expecting the Jets to kind of make some dumb choices, but they surprised me with their picks.  They first addressed their defensive needs by drafting Milliner and Richardson; and both of these guys could be immediate starters.  Then the Jets added Geno Smith which was kind of a surprise, but it really could help the Jets in the long run.  After that they added a few offensive lineman to round it out.  The Jets could actually use all these players in 2013 which could make them a better team.

Baltimore Ravens – Overall Grade B+
The Ravens needed a lot of defensive help and they got what they wanted.  The Ravens could actually use Elam and Brown right away and it would not surprise me if the Ravens still had a stout defense in 2013.  The Ravens focused on adding depth after that and even though most of their picks are not going to be starting right away, it will be useful in case they need them.

Cincinnati Bengals – Overall Grade B
The Bengals already had a pretty stacked team so I think they were focusing more on adding depth to certain positions.  Drafting Eifert in the first round was a very good pick, even with Gresham still being on the Bengals it really could open up the pass game and run game.  I also think Bernard will be a nice addition at running back, it will help Dalton in the pass game and he will split carries with Green-Ellis.  Overall the Bengals could have added some more defensive players, but I think they did a decent job anyway.

Cleveland Browns – Overall Grade B+
The Browns only had 5 picks in the 2013 Draft and I think they did a good job with those picks.  I thought they would have drafted Milliner to play opposite of Haden, but they went with Mingo instead which is still a solid pick.  Then they drafted McFadden to play opposite of Haden which should work out after they break him in a little bit.  I was kind of surprised that the Browns focused more on the defense, but I cant blame them for that.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Overall Grade A-
The Steelers have always been good at drafting great caliber players and this year was no exception.  The started out by taking Jarvis Jones which should be an amazing replacement for Harrison.  They addressed the running back issue by drafting Bell, and they added a receiver to help replace Wallace.  I think Jones and Bell are going to be very big for the Steelers in 2013.  Bell is a work horse who can shoulder the load in the back field; and Jones could be the next great defensive stud for the Steel Curtain.

Houston Texans – Overall Grade C-
I was not too impressed with the Texans in the draft.  They did fill a need by drafting Hopkins as a receiver to play opposite of Andre Johnson, but I don’t see any of the players the Texans drafted being immediate starters.  I know the Texans already have a solid team and I have no doubt in my mind that they will do well, but it is concerning that their draft picks were kind of mediocre.  I think Hopkins could make a splash eventually, but that is it.

Indianapolis Colts – Overall Grade C
The Colts did a lot during the free agency so I do not think the draft was too important for the Colts.  Werner is going to be a nice addition to the defense and will be a good replacement for Freeney.  All the other picks for the Colts were just for adding depth for current starters.  The Colts will have a solid team going into 2013 and I look for them to make another playoff run.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Overall Grade A
The Jaguars added a lot of key players that could be immediate starters, and could turn this franchise around.  Even though Joeckel was not really needed for the Jaguars it was still good to pick him up to add extra power for the Jags running game.  Cyprien I think could be a starter right away and could be a Pro Bowler very soon.  almost every pick the Jaguars had was a good one and this might be the year that the Jaguars can turn it around and start being a dominant team.

Tennessee Titans – Overall Grade B+
The first three picks for the Titans were exactly what they needed.  Drafting Warmack is going to help the offensive line in both the run game and pass game, Hunter could be an immediate offensive threat as a receiver, and Wreh-Wilson should help the defense out in the secondary.  The Titans needed to have a good draft and they did just that, and when you look at the free agents they picked up the Titans are looking a lot better going into the 2013 season.

Denver Broncos – Overall Grade B-
The Broncos did not really have any pressing positions to fill, so I think they were focused on adding depth.  Adding Williams on defense will add some extra run stopping, but everyone else I really do not see making an impact right away.  The reason why their grade is higher than some is because the players they drafted could be starters on other teams.  Since they are on the Broncos it is adding depth to an already powerful team.  So if a player gets hurt there is going to be an equally awesome player to replace them.

Kansas City Chiefs – Overall Grade A-
I think it was very smart to add Fisher as the first overall pick.  He can play guard or tackle and he will be a great addition to this offensive line.  I think adding Kelce was a smart choice as well, he could be a great weapon for Alex Smith and will really help in the run game if the Chiefs use two tight ends.  I think if the Chiefs let Knile Davis rest his rookie year then he could end up being a nice back up to Jamaal Charles.

Oakland Raiders – Overall Grade B
The Raiders needed a lot of help coming into the draft.  I am glad they chose Hayden I think after he heals he will be a terrific NFL player.  If you have not heard his story then go read about it because it is amazing.  The Raiders addressed a big concern on their offensive line by drafting Watson, and he will be an immediate starter who will do great things for years to come.  Also, I like the Sio Moore pick, it adds to a linebacking squad that has needed some help for awhile.  I think the Raiders will benefit a great deal with these picks.

San Diego Chargers – Overall Grade A
Some people may disagree on this one, but the Chargers only had 6 picks and they filled a lot of holes with those picks.  The Chargers needed to add an offensive lineman and they found a good one in Fluker, and he will be starter right away to protect Rivers.  I love that they picked up Te’o; he has had some off filed issues but he is still going to be a great addition to the Chargers defense.  With the issues the Chargers had with injured receivers I think it was smart to add Keenan Allen to add some depth.

Dallas Cowboys – Overall Grade D
I was not impressed with the Cowboys, and they really needed this to strengthen their team.  It started with their first pick, they drafted Frederick to help the offensive line.  I think that is a big reach for a first rounder, even Frederick said he thought he was a second rounder.  The Cowboys did add some defensive players, but I really don’t think they will be of much help right away.  The only player that could turn out to be a sleeper pick is JJ Wilcox; I think if he gets a shot that he could make the most of it.

New York Giants – Overall Grade B
The Giants really needed two things; defensive and offensive lineman.  They got both of them and they started with drafting Pugh to help with pass protection and run support.  Hankins and Moore will be nice rotational players on defense that could really improve the pass rush for Giants.  The Giants also drafted QB Ryan Nassib to be groomed under Manning which should help him a lot.

Philadelphia Eagles – Overall Grade B
The Eagles needed to add some beef on the offensive line and they got that by drafting Lane Johnson.  Johnson should be a huge increase for the run game and for the pass protection.  The Eagles also brought in Matt Barkley which will just add to the QB fiasco in Philadelphia.  The Eagles did a lot in the free agency, so most of these picks will be nice additions for the depth chart and will be some interesting starters once the season starts.

Washington Redskins – Overall Grade B+
The Redskins did not have many draft picks, but they did make the most of them.  The Skins really needed to add some defensive help in the secondary and they started out by drafting Amerson who should be a starter right away.  They also drafted Thomas who led the nation in interceptions and could be a very good weapon for the Skins defense.  As long as the Redskins offense can stay healthy then I think they should have a promising 2013 season.

Chicago Bears – Overall Grade C+
I think the Bears could have made a lot better choices with their early picks.  The Bears made it clear that they wanted to focus on protecting Cutler and beefing up their offense.  They did that in the free agency and by drafting a lineman with their first pick by picking Kyle Long, which was kind of a stretch.  They drafted some linebackers that will add some depth, but they passed over a lot of solid players that could have really helped them and I think they will pay for that in 2013.  I think the Bears will still do just fine, but they are in a conference that is full of good teams.

Detroit Lions – Overall Grade B+
The Lions had a lot of issues to address and they did a great job with their picks.  Obviously Ansah is going to be a big part of the Lions defense and should be a Pro Bowler soon.  Then in Round 2 they picked up Slay to help in the secondary, and he could be a starter right away as well.  They also added some depth to some skill positions, and they should be promising back up players if someone is going to get hurt.  The Lions are in a tough division, but they should have a decent 2013 season.

Green Bay Packers – Overall Grade A-
The Packers filled their roster with excellent players and it started by drafting Jones to play with Clay on defense; which is going to be very difficult for offenses.  The Packers have needed to find a solid RB to fill the run game so they drafted two of the best in the draft.  It should be exciting to see who is the starting RB by the time the season starts, but with the prospects they have it should finally make the Packers a complete team.

Minnesota Vikings – Overall Grade A
I was very impressed with the Vikings picks; they added some serious big time play makers.  The first pick was Floyd who will be a monster on defense, then they turned around and added Rhodes who will be a nightmare in the secondary, and then they added Patterson who will be a great compliment to Jennings.  The Vikings have had a very impressive off season and it would not surprise me if they made a playoff run in 2013.

Atlanta Falcons – Overall Grade B+
The Falcons had some serious concerns at the CB position and they addressed that by snagging two very talented players in Trufant and Alford.  They rounded out the draft with some players that will be good backups; but the Falcons made such a huge splash in the free agency that they really did not need too much in the draft. 

Carolina Panthers – Overall Grade A-
The Panthers only had 5 picks in the draft, but they made them count and added some serious beef to the defensive line.  They had a steal in Star Lotulelei and then with their second pick they picked up Short.  Both of these players could be potential starters and the Panthers really needed the help with the run defense and pass rush.  With the upgrades to the defense I hope that the offense can step up their game to make the Panthers a solid team.

New Orleans Saints – Overall Grade B+
The Saints had the worst defense in 2012 so everyone knew they would snag the best defensive players.  They did snag Vaccaro to help in the Saints secondary and they also added Jenkins who will be a big help in run stopping.  The Saints did add an extra offensive lineman as well.  The Saints still have a long road ahead of them, but they should have a good season as long as they stay healthy.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Overall Grade B-
The Bucs had a very impressive free agency so I don’t think they had much need for the draft.  They did pick up Banks who will be another stud on an already stout defense, but the other picks will be nice additions on the depth chart.  I was surprised to see them take a QB with their second pick, but maybe by having some competition it might give Freeman the boost he needs to step his game up.

Arizona Cardinals – Overall Grade A-
I knew the Cardinals needed help and I did not think they could do all of it in the draft; but they did.  Almost every player they chose could end up starting or getting a lot of playing time.  Cooper is going to be an NFL lineman for a long time and will be very helpful in pass protection.  Minter is going to be a stud middle linebacker and will add some great leadership.  Taylor could end up being the starting running back over Mendenhall if he keeps playing the way he has been.  The Cards still have a lot of work to do, but they made some steps in the right direction.

San Francisco 49ers – Overall Grade A+
The 49ers completely nailed this draft and it is just adding more scary players to an already scary team.  The Niners added a lot of defensive players and it started with Reid at FS; he will be a great addition to this defensive style.  They then added two defensive ends that will end up adding more run support and pass rush to a team that had one of the best defenses in the NFL.  Everyone was shocked when they took Lattimore, but in the big picture he could be a huge steal once he is healthy and has time to learn from Gore.

Seattle Seahawks – Overall Grade B+
The Seahawks made such a huge impact in the free agency that the draft was just to add more players as insurance policies.  The Seahawks now have 3 solid running backs, 3 very good receivers, a very tough defense, and a sensational QB.  Pretty much the Seahawks will be a very tough team to beat and even if they have injuries they will have equally amazing players to fill in. 

St Louis Rams – Overall Grade A
The Rams were another team that needed a lot of help on both sides of the ball.  They traded up to get Austin as another weapon on offense, then they snagged Ogletree who is going to be a nightmare on defense.  They Also picked up McDonald as a FS, and that should really help in the secondary.  The Rams are in a very tough division, but I think they made good steps in the right direction.


The first round of the 2013 NFL Draft is in the books and we can now start on round 2.  The first round had a lot of twists and turns that no one really saw coming and it is very interesting to see what teams picked which players, and to see what players have not been taken yet.  Some teams made excellent pick and then there were teams that left you scratching your head.  The first round also saw a few trades which threw everyones Mock Drafts out the window.  Below is the entire first round results and analysis of each pick.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Eric Fisher (OT): The Chiefs made the right choice with taking Fisher with the first overall pick.  He will fit right in the Chiefs offensive scheme and he will be a Pro Bowler in no time.  Fisher is big, strong, and quick feet so he should give a real boost to the offense.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Luke Joeckel (OT): I think the Jags were very excited that the Chiefs passed on Luke because the Jags really needed a boost on their offensive line.  Joeckel is a great lineman and this will open up the running game for Jones-Drew by adding Joeckel to the team.

3. Miami Dolphins (traded from Raiders) – Dion Jordan (DE): The Raiders traded this pick to the Dolphins and everyone was sure the Dolphins were going to draft a lineman to replace Long, but they drafted Jordan instead.  Now Jordan is an excellent choice for the Dolphins due to his speed and strength.  The Dolphins should have taken someone like Lane Johnson to fill the hole on offense.

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Lane Johnson (OT): This was a perfect draft choice for the Eagles.  Johnson is a very agile lineman and the Eagles run an up-tempo offense so Johnson should fit right in.  The Eagles have needed help on the offensive side of the ball and with Johnson in the line up it may just give the Eagles the boost they need.

5. Detroit Lions – Ziggy Ansah (DE): The Lions lost a lot of defensive players in the off-season so they really needed to draft a defensive giant with their first pick.  Well, that is exactly what they got with Ansah.  It would not surprise me to see Ziggy be a rookie sensation and be a Pro Bowler very quickly. 

6. Cleveland Browns – Barkevious Mingo (OLB): I was very shocked that they did not take Milliner, and to a degree I thought they might take Geno Smith to add some speed to the offense.  They decided to draft Mingo which is a good pick, but they are going to have to work him hard over the next few months to get him ready to play.

7. Arizona Cardinals – Jonathan Cooper (OG): The Cards picked a great player here due to the fact that the Cards gave up 58 sacks in 2012.  They needed to add protection, and with Cooper on the line it should beef up the run game and the pass game. 

8. St Louis Rams (traded from Buffalo) – Tavon Austin (WR): The Bills traded away their pick to the Rams and it was a good move on their part.  The Rams were in desperate need of a receiver to help Bradford in the pass game.  Austin is one of the most explosive players in the draft and should provide a big boost to the Rams.

9. New York Jets – Dee Milliner (CB): Out with Revis and in with Milliner.  This is a nice pick up for the Jets and it will definitely help out their defensive secondary.  The Jets still need a lot of help on both sides of the ball, but drafting Milliner was a perfect start to improve that team.

10. Tennessee Titans – Chance Warmack (OG): This is exactly what the Titans needed.  With two solid runnings back in Johnson and Greene the Titans really needed to beef up the offensive line.  Warmack is a great fit for the Titans and should be an immediate starter and be a great player for years to come.

11. San Diego Chargers – DJ Fluker (OG): This was not the Chargers first player they wanted, they needed an offensive tackle, but with 3 of them off the board they took the next best thing which was Fluker.  Fluker will help the protection for the Chargers, but he will need some practice to blend in with the offense.

12. Oakland Raiders (from Miami) – DJ Hayden (CB): This was surprising only because Hayden had some injuries in his senior year and there were still a bunch of other players that could have benefited the Raiders right away.  Hayden will still be a good pick, but I do not think it was the right pick for the Raiders.

13. New York Jets (traded from Bucs) – Sheldon Richardson (DT): This was the second defensive player the Jets drafted, so it seems that they are focusing on re-building the defense before the offense.  I think they should have drafted a receiver, but with the two defensive picks they chose it should be a good start for the Jets.

14. Carolina Panthers – Star Lotulelei (DT): I was shocked that Star did not go in the top 10 so I am sure the Panthers were very excited to draft him.  Even with his health issues earlier this year he will be a great addition to the Panthers defense.  As long as he stays healthy he will be a dominating force in the middle.

15. New Orleans Saints – Kenny Vaccaro (SS): The Saints had the worst defense in the NFL in 2012 so everyone knew they were going to be drafting defensive players.  By drafting Vaccaro it will add some support in the secondary, but the Saints will need to add more defensive players to round it out.

16. Buffalo Bills (traded from Rams) – EJ Manuel (QB): This surprised me a lot because they should have taken Geno Smith.  The Bills added Kolb, but it is uncertain how he will do.  Had the Bills drafted Smith there could have been a QB challenge in Buffalo and Smith would have added a lot of speed to the Bills.  Manuel will be a good back-up and maybe a starter down the road.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers – Jarvis Jones (OLB): The Steelers just drafted the perfect replacement for Harrison by picking Jones.  Jones is strong, quick, and a great tackler.  He will help the aging Steelers defense in a big way.  The Steelers always do well with their draft picks and this is a great example of why the Steelers always have a strong defense.

18. San Francisco 49ers (traded from Cowboys) – Eric Reid (FS): With the loss of Goldson the 49ers have been looking at ways to improve the secondary.  The 49ers have one of the best defenses in the NFL, but the secondary was exposed in the playoffs so they wanted to improve that going into the 2013 season.  Reid is a great pick up that can help this defense right away.

19. New York Giants – Justin Pugh (OT): The Giants needed to add to their offensive line and Pugh is a good pick, but I didn’t think Pugh was a first round pick.  I could be wrong, but there were other lineman out there that could have been more beneficial to the Giants. 

20. Chicago Bears – Kyle Long (OG): Obviously the Bears are looking to really beef up their protection after signing numerous offensive lineman and drafting another.  I was surprised they didn’t take Tyler Eifert or Manti Te’o since there is a need for both.  Cutler could have used Eifert as another big target down field and Te’o could have been the player to replace Urlacher on defense.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Tyler Eifert (TE): I was surprised to see him drop this low and the Bengals had no problem scooping him up.  The Bengals already have Gresham, but the Bengals could have a TE challenge or use two tight ends.  Either way it was a good pick up for the Bengals in the long haul.

22. Atlanta Falcons (traded from Washington; traded from Rams) – Desmond Trufant (CB): The Falcons were in need of a good secondary player and they traded up to ensure they could snag Trufant.  He will be an immediate starter on the Falcon defense and will add a lot of secondary help.

23. Minnesota Vikings – Sharrif Floyd (DT): Floyd was initially supposed to be drafted in the top 5, so the Vikings were happy to scoop him up with their first pick.  Floyd is a great pass rusher and run stopper.  Floyd really could turn out to be a defensive stud in the years to come.

24. Indianapolis Colts – Bjoern Werner (DE): Werner will be a great replacement for Freeney and he could be an immediate starter for the Colts.  A lot of the defensive pass rushers fell lower in the draft then most expected, but it will benefit the Colts who had a mediocre defense in 2012.

25. Minnesota Vikings – Xavier Rhodes (CB): I thought the Vikings would try and snag a receiver with this pick, but with Rhodes still out there it would have been a mistake to not draft him.  With the Vikings taking two defensive players in the draft it seems they will have a very strong defense in 2013.

26. Green Bay Packers – Datone Jones (DE): The Packers have a few holes on defense and Jones could be a nice rotational defensive pass rusher for the Packers.  They still need to address some secondary issues on their defense, but Jones was the right pick for the Packers

27. Houston Texans – DeAndre Hopkins (WR): The Texans were in obvious need of a receiver to play opposite of Andre Johnson and Hopkins could be an immediate threat right away.  He had an amazing senior year and has great speed with soft hands.  This is a great pick for the Texans and it should pan out for them quickly.

28. Denver Broncos – Sylvester Williams (DT): The Broncos do not need any offensive players so they are adding depth to the defense.  Williams will be a nice rotational defensive tackle for the Broncos, but I do not see him starting right away.

29. Minnesota Vikings (traded from Pats) – Cordarrelle Patterson (WR): The Vikings had an amazing first round with 3 picks.  The Vikings picked up Jennings in the off-season and Patterson will be a great compliment to him.  As long as Ponder can sharpen his throwing skills then the Vikings could be the team to beat in the NFC North.

30. St Louis Rams (traded from Falcons) – Alec Ogletree (ILB): This is the right pick for the Rams.  Ogletree could end up playing on the outside, but he is a great pass defender and is a hard hitter who could cause a lot of problems for offenses.  He has had some off-field issues, but the Rams will clean that up.

31. Dallas Cowboys (traded from 49ers) – Travis Frederick (C): The Cowboys had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL in 2012.  So they addressed that by drafting Frederick; who is a center that can also play guard.  The Cowboys still have a lot of ground to make up so look for them to draft a few more lineman.

32. Baltimore Ravens – Matt Elam (FS): I really thought the Ravens would take a gamble on Manto Te’o to try and replace Lewis.  Elam provides a lot of seondary issues on the Ravens defense so it was the right pick for the Ravens.


A Mock Draft is never finished; it seems that NFL teams this year are trading a lot of draft picks to get the best team possible.  Also, these college players are either getting better and moving up, or they are bombing and getting worse.  This is my final Mock Draft since the draft is today at 8:00pm EST.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Eric Fisher (OT): Fisher is the best option for the Chiefs and he can start right away and be a great improvement to the Chiefs in their run game and pass protection.  Fisher could be a potential Pro-Bowler.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Luke Joeckel (OT): The Jaguars need help in a lot of areas, but it would be a smart choice to take Joeckel with the second overall pick.  Gabbert needs to be able to throw and Jones-Drew needs a solid offensive line to be a dominant running back.

3. Oakland Raiders – Sharrif Floyd (DT): Remember that the Raiders do not have a second round pick so they need an explosive defensive player with their first pick.  Floyd would fit right in to that Raider defense and would be an immediate starter.

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Lane Johnson (OT): The Eagles should take Johnson because the Eagles have an up-tempo offense and Johnson has good speed and strength that could be very beneficial to the Eagles offense.  The Eagles made a bunch of defensive adjustments now they need to add protection on offense.

5. Detroit Lions – Ziggy Ansah (DE): Lions need a pass rusher and Ansah is the answer for the Lions defense.  The Lions lost a bunch of defensive players and by drafting Ansah could be an All-Pro defensive end in just a few seasons.

6. Cleveland Browns – Geno Smith (QB): The Browns have Weeden, but Geno would be a better fit for that offense.  Smith is an all around threat and the Browns could be a contender in the AFC North by getting Smith with their first pick.

7. Arizona Cardinals – Jonathan Cooper (OG): The Cards need defensive help, but they also need some beef on the offensive line.  By adding Palmer and Mendenhall the Cards will need to add protection to make both of them useful.

8. Buffalo Bills – Tavon Austin (WR): The Bills need to add another weapon besides Johnson and Spiller.  By adding Austin it will make the Bills offense more difficult to defend and it will add more options for Kolb down field.

9. New York Jets – Dion Jordan (DE): The Jets need serious help on defense and Jordan is one of the most explosive defensive players in the draft.  He is still a little small, but he will be a great addition to any defense.  He has the ability to be another Aldon Smith or JJ Watt.

10. Tennessee Titans – Dee Milliner (CB): With the Titans needing offensive help I do not think they should focus on that.  They need to add some speed to their secondary and by adding Milliner it would greatly help the Titans defense.  The Titans gave up a lot of pass yards in 2012 and that needs to be addressed.

11. San Diego Chargers – Chance Warmack (OG): Chargers need to add some power up front if they even want to be a winning team.  There are some health concerns with Warmack, but the Chargers still need to pick him up so Rivers can throw and Mathews can have space to run.

12. Miami Dolphins – DJ Fluker (OT): The Dolphins made some good offense upgrade and now they need to get some lineman to protect their assets.  Fluker is a beast and will help in the Dolphins run game and add protection for Tannehill.  With the Dolphins losing Long they need to fill that gap quick.

13. New York Jets – Tyler Eifert (TE): Eifert is a perfect tight end with height, speed, and size.  He will help in the run game and he is a hard person to cover in the pass game.  He is like a Jimmy Graham like tight end who will cause lots of problems for defenses.

14. Carolina Panthers – Sheldon Richardson (DT): Richardson is an amazing pass rusher and has great size, and thats what the Panthers need to beef up their defense.  Richardson also has sharp speed that could make him a Pro Bowler in just a few seasons; or get him a defensive rookie award.

15. New Orleans Saints – Barkevious Mingo (DE): The Saints had the worst defense in 2012 and Mingo would be a great addition in the pass rush.  He has had some trouble stopping the run, but that will come with time.  Mingo has enough speed that he could amost be a linebacker in a 3-4 defense.

16. St Louis Rams – Kenny Vaccaro (SS): Rams lost Dahl to the Niners and Vaccaro would be a great addition to the Rams defense.  Vaccaro has great speed and is a sure tackler who could earn a starting spot quickly and be a stud on a defense that needs help.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers – Jarvis Jones (OLB): With Harrison going to the Bengals the Steelers need to fill that defensive hole.  Jones does have some medical issues and is not the fastest kid, but he can down right play tough football and that is what the Steelers like in a player.

18. Dallas Cowboys – Star Lotulelei (DT): The Cowboys were ranked near the bottom in rush defense in 2012 and by adding Star to the mix it will make the Cowboys a more stout defense and give them a chance to make a big impact in the NFC East.  Star has had some medical concerns, but if the Cowboys get the chance they can’t pass him up.

19. New York Giants – Justin Pugh (OT): The Giants have a big need up front and Pugh has the speed and foot work to strengthen the Giants.  The Giants have a few lineman that are getting up there in age as well so it would be wise to start adding depth as well.

20. Chicago Bears – Manti Te’o (ILB): Even with the off field issues, Te’o would be a great addition to the Bears defense.  With losing Urlacher the Bears need to get a tough leader on that defense and Manti can be that guy.  He is strong, smart, and a good tackler and the Bears could benefit greatly from drafting him.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Eric Reid (FS): The Bengals have almost everything in place, they have a solid offense and signed a lot of defensive studs.  Reid would fit right into the Bengals defensive scheme and would help that secondary out a lot.  He has speed, sure tackler, and strength.

22. St Louis Rams – Alec Ogletree (ILB): Adding Vaccaro and Ogletree would make the Rams an absolute nightmare of a defense.  Ogletree is a hard hitter and would be an Pro Bowl player on the Rams defense.  If the Rams use their two picks wisely they could really upgrade their team and be a contender in the NFC West.

23. Minnesota Vikings – Cordarrelle Patterson (WR): Patterson has amazing hands and is an explosive receiver and blended with Jennings the Vikings could really improve their offense.  He has some maturity issues, but that will go away once he is playing with veterans like AP and Jennings.

24. Indianapolis Colts – DJ Hayden (CB): Hayden has an amazing story and I think he would be a perfect fit for the Colts defense and could be a potential All-Pro defensive player.  He has great speed, awesome coverage ability, and a great tackler.  If you don’t know his story go look it up and you will be shocked.

25. Minnesota Vikings – Sylvester Williams (DT): Williams is a big body who can add even more power to a great Vikings defense.  He is not the best pass rusher, but combine him with the other Williams and Jared Allen it would make the Vikings a scary defense to run against.

26. Green Bay Packers – Eddie Lacy (RB): Even thought the Packers are an amazing pass team, they have not had a solid running back for years.  Lacy could be the key to that offense that opens up the pass game even more.  Starks is an injury problem, Green has not proven anything yet, and it looks like the Packers are not going to keep Benson.

27. Houston Texans – Justin Hunter (WR): The Texans are looking for a receiver to play opposite of Johnson and Hunter could be the answer.  The Texans already have a lot of offensive weapons, but adding Hunter will take a lot of coverage away from Johnson and open up the running game for Foster.

28. Denver Broncos – Bjoern Werner (DE): With losing Dumervill the Broncos have a big hole to fill.  Werner is a solid all around player and he could learn a lot by being in a defense like the Broncos.

29. New England Patriots – Xavier Rhodes (CB): Rhodes is a great press corner and the Patriots need the help in their secondary.  The Pats defense is good, but they have had a lot of secondary issues and Rhodes can be the answer for that.

30. Atlanta Falcons – Desmond Trufant (CB): Falcons lost Grimes and Trufant has a lot he can offer.  He would be a great compliment to Samuels, and can help in the return game.  The Falcons have everything else in place, so this is an easy pick for the Falcons if he is still available.

31. San Francisco 49ers – Zach Ertz (TE): The Niners gun a lot of two tight end sets and Ertz would fit right into the Niners game plan.  Harbaugh recruited Ertz out of high school to go to Stanford so there is already a bond there.

32. Baltimore Ravens – Matt Elam (FS): The Ravens lost a lot of defensive play makers and Elam is a great tackler and has good speed.  The Ravens could benefit a lot by taking him.


The draft is drawing closer and teams are really starting to narrow down who they are going to choose.  Based on the Pro Days, Combine, and other news I have updated my Mock Draft.  From what I know I picked players based on what the team needs as of right now, and this is just the first round of the Draft.  I will also be including other players that each team could pick as well.

+Round 1+
1. Kansas City Chiefs – Luke Joeckel (OT): Most experts are still picking Luke to be the first overall pick, but it is not a guarantee.  It is not normal to have an Offensive Tackle to go in the first round, but the Chiefs are in a weird situation.  They have an offensive line that needs help and by adding Luke it could just be what they need to get that offense moving.  Now the Chiefs still need some defensive help so they may draft a DT or a DB, but my honest opinion is that they will take Luke first.  Other players they may choose include; Eric Fisher (OT) or Dion Jordan (LB).

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Geno Smith (QB): Now I know a lot of people are shaking their head at this pick, but it would make perfect sense to have the Jags pick him up.  Every single person from the Jaguars front office went to Geno Smiths Pro Day and do you really think that Gabbert is a franchise QB?  Gabbert has had 2 terrible seasons and he is not a team player at all, it has been reported that Gabbert blames his teammates when something goes wrong.  This would be a great pick for the Jags and hopefully get this franchise in the right direction.  Other possibilities are; Dion Jordan (LB) or Sharrif Floyd (DT).

3. Oakland Raiders – Sharrif Floyd (DT): This is a perfect match for the Raiders because they need him.  Seymours contract was voided and Tommy Kelly was released.  The Raiders were second to last in sacks in 2012 and they need to add some pass rush.  Experts are comparing Floyd to JJ Watt because he is strong, fast, and a dominating pass rusher.  If the Riders are smart they will draft Floyd and start re-building that franchise.  Other players they could pick are; Star Lotulelei (DT) or Geno Smith (QB).

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Eric Fisher (OT): The Eagles need some serious help on the offensive line with an injured Jason Peters, Eagles released Demetress Bell, and Dunlap just signed with San Diego.  The Eagles have an awesome running back in McCoy, but in 2012 any Eagle who touched the ball on offense was getting hit instantly due to a poor offensive line, so by adding Fisher this would be a huge upgrade for the offense.  Other picks for the Eagles could be; Star Lotulelei (DT) or Geno Smith (QB).

5. Detroit Lions – Ezekiel Ansah (DE/OLB): The Lions defense has fallen apart in the offseason so far.  They lost Cliff Avril to the Seahawks and they just cut Kyle Vanden Bosch from the team.  The long and short of it is that the Lions literally have no pass rushers as of right now.  By drafting Ansah they will get their defense in the right direction, and Ansah is the kind of player you can build a team around.  Other players could include; Eric Fisher (OT) or Dee Milliner (CB).

6. San Diego Chargers – Lane Johnson (OT): There has been rumors that Miami is trying to trade the Chargers 6th round pick.  If the Chargers are smart they will not accept the trade and draft Johnson.  The Chargers really need help on their offensive line to help their terrible running game and to protect Rivers.  The Chargers had one of the worst rushing offenses in the NFL in 2012 and adding Johnson would help the run game and the pass game.  Other players they could draft are; Barkevious Mingo (DE), Jarvis Jones (OLB), Jonathan Cooper (OG), or Chance Warmach (OG).

7. Arizona Cardinals – Dion Jordan (DE/OLB): The Cardinals need a solid defensive player to help defend against the Read-Option.  Jordan is very quick, strong, and smart so he could be a huge upgrade to the defense.  The Cards have Sam Acho on one side and with Jordan on the other it would be hard to run the read-option against them.  Arizona is in the NFC West and in the division there are two QBs that can run the read-option perfectly (Kap from the 49ers and Wilson from the Seahawks).  So if the Cards want any chance to win the NFC West they should snag Jordan.  Other options could be; Lane Johnson (OT) or Chance Warmack (OG).

8. Buffalo Bills – Tavon Austin (WR): With Geno Smith being off the board the Bills are looking for a solid WR to play opposite of Stevie Johnson.  As it stands the only down field threat in Buffalo is Johnson so by drafting Austin it would add a lot of passing options for the Bills.  Kolb may not be the franchise QB they are looking for, but if Kolb has weapons around him like Austin then he might actually be able to help the Bills going forward.  Other options for Buffalo are; Geno Smith (QB), if by some miracle he drops this low then the Bills will for sure pick him up.

9. New York Jets – Star Lotulelei (DT/NT): The Jets lost Sione Pouha in the offseason and they signed Antonio Garay, but the Jets still need to draft Star to fill that gap in their defense.  The Jets are really struggling in all aspects right now, and by re-building the defense first it will eventually help the offense.  The Jets are still a long way off from being a contender in the AFC, but by drafting young studs for their defense they could one day actually be good again.  Other options for the Jets are; Dee Milliner (CB), Tavon Austin (WR), Ezekiel Ansah (DE/OLB), or Barkevious Mingo (DE/OLB).

10. Tennessee Titans – Dee Milliner (CB): Most people may not agree with him being drafted this low but I am purely doing this draft based on what teams need.  The last corner to be drafted higher than the 4th pick was Charled Woodson in 1998.  The Titans added some offensive players already and a few defensive players, but they could use Milliner right away to help sharpen their defense in the secondary.  The Titans had a mediocre secondary in 2012 and Milliner would be a great choice for them.  Other option are; Jonathan Cooper (OG), Chance Warmack (OG), or Kenny Vaccaro (S).

11. Cleveland Browns – Xavier Rhodes (CB): There has been a lot of talk about the Browns wanting Milliner, and if by some chance Milliner falls this far I am sure they will draft him, but if he is not then they need to draft Rhodes.  The Browns lost Sheldon Brown, so all they have is Haden in the secondary.  By adding Rhodes it will take a lot of stress off the defense.  The Browns added some beef up front in Paul Kruger and that will help their defense a lot as well.  Other options for the Browns are; Ezekiel Ansah (DE/OLB), Jarvis Jones (DE/OLB), Tavon Austin (WR).

12. Miami Dolphins – DJ Fluker (OT/OG): Miami had a huge loss when Jake Long signed with the Rams, so obviously they need to fill his spot on the O-line.  The Dolphins are trying to trade the Chargers for their 6th overall pick because they want Johnson, if that doesn’t happen then Fluker is where they will go.  Even though I don’t think that Fluker really fits their offensive scheme it could still be a good addition for Miami.  Other options for Miami are; Xavier Rhodes (CB) or Sheldon Richardson (DT).

13. Tamp Bay Buccaneers – Tyler Eifert (TE):  This is another pick that most people may not agree with, but look at it from a “need” point of view.  Dallas Clark is now a free agent, and Freeman needs a target for those underneath passes.  Eifert would be a nice target in the Bucs offense, with Jackson being the deep guy, Williams going across the middle, and Eifert underneath.  The Bucs still have a solid RB in Martin so by adding another pass target will take some stress of the run game.  Other possibilities are: Desmond Trufant (CB), Xavier Rhodes (CB), Sheldon Richardson (DT).

14. Carolina Panthers – Sheldon Richardson (DT): Richardson would be a great addition to the struggling Carolina defense.  The Panthers made some additions on offense and lost people on defense.  By drafting Richardson they are adding a big time pass rusher and run stopper.  Almost every Mock Draft I have done or seen has had the Panthers drafting Richardson.  Other options for the Panthers are; Xavier Rhodes (CB) or Tavon Austin (WR).

15. New Orleans Saints – Barkevious Mingo (DE/OLB): The Saints just announced they are moving to a 3-4 defense, and they just signed Victor Butler.  Remember that the Saints had the worst defense in 2012 so they need help right away.  By drafting Mingo they are getting a prime pass rusher that will help the secondary.  Mingo makes a ton of sense for the Saints with their new defense so it would not surprise me if they take him.  Other options for the Saints are; Jarvis Jones (DE/OLB), Bjoern Werner (DE/OLB), or Lane Johnson (OT).

16. St Louis Rams – Cordarrelle Patterson (WR): This is kind of a no-brainer since the Rams lost Amendola to the Patriots they need to fill that slot position he left.  The Rams still have Quick and Givens, but they have not proven yet that they are dominant receivers that can shoulder the load.  The Rams already got Jared Cook from the Titans, but Bradford is still going to need a threat on offense to throw to.  The Rams did sign Jake Long to help with the protection on Bradford and they will be relying on a second year RB to fill the hole that Jackson left.  Other options for the Rams are; Kenny Vaccaro (S), Jonathan Cooper (OG), or Chance Warmack (OG).

17. Pittsburgh Steeler – Jarvis Jones (DE/OLB): A lot of teams are staying away from Jones due to his spinal issue and that he had a poor 40 yard dash.  I still feel the Steelers should gamble on him.  With Harrison gone the Steelers are going to have to find a solid replacement for him and Jones would be the best fit for them.  Jones has been compared to Suggs when it comes to speed and I think Jones could have a good career in Pittsburgh as long as he can stay healthy.  Other options for PIttsburgh are; Jonathan Cooper (OG) or Bjoern Werner (DE).

18. Dallas Cowboys – Jonathan Cooper (OG/C): The Cowboys need offensive lineman like a fat kid needs cake.  The Cowboys had one of the worst rushing attacks in the NFL and Romo was hitting the ground as often as the ball was.  Cooper is a versatile lineman that could sharpen up an offensive line that really needs the help.  As much as Dallas would like to draft some defensive players early on, I really feel that they need to fix the offense first.  Other options for the Cowboys are; Kenny Vaccaro (S) or Chance Warmack (OG).

19. New York Giants – Bjoern Werner (DE):  The Giants lost a few key players on defense and they will be looking to fill those holes with some draft picks.  Werner did not perform well at the Combine or on his Pro Days, but the Giants should take a gamble on him since they are lacking defensive guys.  The Giants secondary is still ok, but they need pass rushers and run stoppers.  The biggest loss for the Giants was Osi Umenyiora being signed by the Falcons.  Other options for the Giants are; Alec Ogletree (LB) or Kenny Vaccaro (S).

20. Chicago Bears – Chance Warmack (OG): The Bears have been making some upgrades to their offense and they should continue that in the draft.  The Bears signed Matt Slauson to help with protecting Cutler and by drafting Warmack it will only add more protection and open up the Bears running game.  The Bears have the talent on offense to win the NFC North, but the offense would make mistakes and most of them were due to pressure always being on Cutler.  Also, the Bears have Forte who can run with the best of them and Marshall who is one of the best WRs in the NFL today.  So the bottom line, more protection equals a better offense.  Other options are; Alec Ogletree (LB) or Jonathan Cooper (OG).

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Kenny Vaccaro (S): The Bengals have a solid defense except for the safety position.  The Bengals got beat often in 2012 from the DBs or safeties playing out of position.  By drafting Vaccaro they will be able to address the problem and have a more powerful defense.  The Bengals have all the offensive weapons they need, now if they can upgrade their defense they will be a very hard team to play.  With the pick ups they already have they are a contender for the AFC North in 2013.  Other options are; Alec Ogletree (LB) or Datone Jones (DE/DT).

22. St Louis Rams – Alec Ogletree (LB): Even with the off field issues that Ogletree has he would still be a solid draft choice for the Rams.  It’s not that the Rams have bad linebackers but they do not have a strong side linebacker they can rely on to be a constant force.  The Rams lost some defensive guys this offseason and if they can sharpen their linebacker squad then that would help make them a harder team to play.  Other option for the Rams would be Datone Jones (DE/DT) or Kenny Vaccaro (S).

23. Minnesota Vikings – Sylvester Williams (DT): The Vikings do have a very stout defense, but they need to address the issue they have at DT.  Kevin Williams is turning 33 and they need someone to play next to him to help with the run stop and pass rush.  Sylvester is a great draft pick for the Vikings to help sharpen up their interior and take some pressure off the linebackers.  The Vikings made a few upgrades on the offensive side and with some more support on defense they could be the team to beat in the NFC North.  Other options for the Vikings would be; Datone Jones (DT).

24. Indianapolis Colts – Datone Jones (DE/DT): The Colts lost Freeney to free agency and Cory Redding is getting up there in years.  The good news in that the Colts did sign Ricky Jean-Francois from the 49ers and if they draft Jones then they will have a solid defensive line that would be very hard to run on.  The Colts had a good offseason by adding players to their offense and adding to their defense.  The Colts made the playoffs in 2012 and with the team they have now they could make a bigger splash in the playoffs in 2013.  Other options are; Sylvester Williams (DT).

25. Minnesota Vikings – Manti Te’o (LB):  Even though he has had plenty of bad press, a bad Combine performance, and draws a media circus the Vikings are still very interested in him.  Greenway is the leader of the Viking linebackers and honestly putting Te’o next to him would be a scary group.  What people forget is that Te’o is a good LB and he has skills worthy of the NFL.  If you take away all the bad press most NFL teams would want him.  If the Vikings draft him it will add to an already stout defense.  Other options are; Datone Jones (DT) or Justin Hunter (WR).

26. Green Bay Packers – DeAndre Hopkins (WR): I know that the Packers already have a lot of receivers for Rodgers to throw to, but it would be kind of silly to pass over Hopkins.  Everyone knows that the Packers are a passing team and lets not forget that they lost Jennings to the Vikings.  Even with Cobb, Nelson, Jones, and Finley the Packers could have a lot of use for Hopkins.  Other options are; Justin Hunter (WR) or Manti Te’o (LB).

27. Houston Texans – Justin Hunter (WR): Andre Johnson has been the WR for the Texans and that’s been it; they have never had a solid #2 receiver to take some of the coverage off Johnson.  Hunter is a fantastic receiver that can take a lot of stress off Johnson and actually be a good replacement once Johnson retires.  The Texans already have made the changes they needed to on defense, now its time to strengthen the offense a little more.  Other options are; DeAndre Hopkins (WR).

28. Denver Broncos – Tank Carradine (DE): It is no mystery that the Broncos need to replace that giant hole that Dumervil left.  Von Miller is an excellent pass rusher, but he will get double teamed every game unless the Broncos find another solid pass rusher.  Tank did have a torn ACL in November but his recovery is going faster than everyone had hoped.  Other options are; Datone Jones (DE).

29. New England Patriots – Jamar Taylor (CB): The Patriots did re-sign Talib and they made a huge pick up by signing Adrian Wilson from the Cardinals.  But the Patriots can always use the extra help in their secondary.  Talib will be turning 34 and that’s the one area where the Pats had trouble in 2012.  Taylor would be an excellent draft choice for them and he would get playing time right away.  Other option is Desmond Trufant (CB).

30. Atlanta Falcons – Desmond Trufant (CB):  Falcons lost Dunta Robinson and Brent Grimes; needless to say they need help fast in their secondary.  Trufant would be a nightmare for receivers and the Falcons could utilize him right away.  The Falcons focused more on improving their offense in the offseason by re-signing Gonzalez and picking up Steven Jackson.  The one pick up on defense was Osi Umenyiora from the Giants to fill the hole that Abraham left.

31. San Francisco 49ers – Jonathan Cyprien (S): 49ers had a huge loss by Goldson signing to the Bucs; and they lost a few DTs along the way as well.  Even with the 49ers signing Dahl from the Rams it cant hurt to bring Cyprien in to compete for the safety position.  the 49ers will still need to get some help with their defensive tackles, but that’s not a pressing issue at this moment.

32. Baltimore Ravens – Keenan Allen (WR):  With Boldin going to the 49ers the only real receiver threat is Torrey Smith.  Allen will help fill the hole that Boldin left and give Baltimore another deep threat.  The Ravens will still need to scoop up some defensive players later in the draft since they lost the majority of them to free agency.


There are thousands of experts putting up their Mock Drafts for the upcoming NFL draft in April.  It’s always hard to make solid predictions since teams can switch their mind at anytime.  Remember back when everyone thought Reggie Bush was going to go #1 and at the last minute Mario Williams was drafted #1?  Its moves like those that make the NFL Draft fun to watch and exciting to try and predict.  In this post I am putting up my Mock Draft for the first round of the 2013 Draft.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Luke Joeckel (OT): The Chiefs need some help at the offensive line spot even with the Chiefs franchising Branden Albert.  Luke is a stud out of Texas A&M and he would be a good fit for Kansas City since they have all the weapons except an O-line.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Dion Jordan (DE): Jordan had an amazing college career in Oregon and he is a pure pass rusher who will help any NFL defense.  The Jags need some serious help and drafting Jordan will help them very much.

3. Oakland Raiders – Sharrif Floyd (DT): The Raiders are very weak in the defense right now and Floyd would be a great addition.  Floyd played his college ball at Florida and is an amazing run stopper.  Raiders need to draft him.

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Star Lotulelei (DT): The Eagles use a 3-4 defense and with star being helathy now he would be a perfect addition to that defense.  Star played his college ball at Utah and was very impressive; he will be able to shine in the NFL as long as he is on a defense that can accent his skills.

5. Detroit Lions – Eric Fisher (OT): If Fisher makes it this far in the draft the Lions have to pick him up.  The Lions have a very large need for offensive lineman.  The Lions are a passing team and as long as they can keep Stafford on is feet they will be a dangerous team.

6. Cleveland Browns – Dee Milliner (CB): Playing on the other side of Haden would seriously help the Browns secondary.  Milliner played for Alabama and was known for being a very quick and smart CB.  The Browns have already made some pick ups in the offseason and drafting Milliner would only add to it.

7. Arizona Cardinals – Lane Johnson (OT): Now that Palmer is in Arizona; the Cardinals need to add some extra beef to the O-line to protect him.  Johnson played for Oklahoma and he is very tough and physical. 

8. Buffalo Bills – Geno Smith (QB): Some people may think this is a bad idea, but even with Kolb coming over to Buffalo the Bills are still going to need a QB.  Geno can add a lot to the Bills offense where Kolb has not proved himself to be a starting QB.

9. New York Jets – Ziggy Ansah (DE): This would be a dream for Rex Ryan to be able to draft Ansah.  Ziggy played his college ball at BYU and was an absolute beast in the process.  Even with the Jets needing a lot of help, drafting Ansah would be a step in the right direction.

10. Tennessee Titans – Chance Warmack (OG): The Titans have all the weapons to be a good offensive team; except they have a weak offensive line.  By drafting Warmack the Titans will actually be able to use all the weapons they have and actually have a chance to win their division.

11. San Diego Chargers – Jonathan Cooper (OG): I don’t care what offensive lineman the Chargers coose, but that needs to be their first draft pick.  The Chargers had one of the worst O-lines in the NFL and Cooper is a solid player that can play multiple positions on the offensive line.

12. Miami Dolphins – Barkevious Mingo (DE): Mingo had a great career at LSU and he could add a lot of power to the Dolphins defense.  Miami already has weapons on offense, but they could use the extra help on defense in 2013.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Xavier Rhodes (CB): The Bucs already signed Goldson to help a struggling defense, but the Bucs are still going to need some guys in their secondary to make it a better defense.  Rhodes has the ability to be a starter right away and cover the top receivers in the game.

14. Carolina Panthers – Sheldon Richardson (DT):  Panthers need some serious help on the D-line and Sheldon would be a great addition.  Richardson is a great run stopper and pass rusher that can cause offenses a lot of problem.

15. New Orleans Saints – Jarvis Jones (OLB): The Saints had the worst defnse in the NFL in 2012.  Jones did not have the best Pro Days, but when its gametime Jones is very impressive.  He would be a great addition and defensive leader for the Saints.

16. St Louis Rams – Tavon Austin (WR): The Rams lost a bunch of playmakers in the offseason and the big one was Amendola.  Austin can make a huge impact right away on the Rams and has the ability to score anytime he touches the ball.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers – Sylvester Williams (DT): Steelers lost a lot off their defense and by drafting Williams they can still be a solid run defense.  Williams played at North Carolina and could be a starter right away

18. Dallas Cowboys – Kenny Vaccaro (FS): If Vaccaro is still available I know the Cowboys will scoop him up.  Vacarro had a great college career at Texas and he can run, hit, and has great vision.

19. New York Giants – Alec Ogletree (LB): Giants lost a lot of defensive players including Blackburn.  Ogletree would be a great fit for the Giants style of play.  Eben with his off field issue I know that Coughlin will whip him into shape.

20. Chicago Bears – DJ Fluker (OT): Chicago did add Bushrod in the offseason and by drafting Fluker they will have a very tough front line to protect Cutler and open hole for Forte.  Fluker is a very phyical blocker who would be a great fit for Chicago.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Matt Elam (S) – Elam showed in Florida that he is a big hitter and has amazing talent.  The Bengals need to add some power to their secondary and Elam would make a big impact right away.

22. St Louis Rams (From Redskins) – Cordarrelle Patterson (WR): I know I had them take a WR with their first pick, but if the Rams were able to snatch up both Austin and Patterson that would be an awesome offensive unit.

23. Minnesota Vikings – Manti Te’o (LB): I feel this would be a good pick by the VIkings.  The linebackers Minnesota has now I dont think can cut the mustard.  Greenway is really the only linebacker that is explosive.  Te’o had a weird offseason but he could add some raw power to the Viking defense.

24. Indianapolis Colts – Bjoern Werner (DE): With Freeney leaving the COlts I think Werner would be a great fit on that defense.  His stock has dropped a little bit but he is still an awesome pass rusher who will get a lot of sacks.

25. Minnesota Vikings (from Seattle) – Keenan Allen (WR): Even with signing Jennings, the Vikings cant rely on him just yet.  By drafting Allen, Ponder will have another target on offense and if Jennings can stay healthy then it will be a great tandum to have.

26. Green Bay Packers – Johnathan Banks (CB): With Woodson gone it leave a spot open on a some what weak secondary.  Banks would fit in nicely on that defense and could add some much needed protection in the pass game.

27. Houston Texans – Justin Hunter (WR): Since the Texans let go of Walter, it would be nice to have another threat opposite of Johnson.  Hunter would be a great fit in the Houston offense and it would take a lot of pressure off the run game and a lot of pressure off Andre Johnson.

28. Denver Broncos – Donte Jones (DE): With the loss of Dumervill the Broncos are going to need another pass rusher to fill his spot.  Jones can provide that right away with his brute strength and agility.

29. New England Patriots – Desmond Trufant (CB): The Patriots are going to need some help in their secondary, even with the 1 year contract for Talib, they need to bring in some speed.  Trufant is not the best tackler but he is a good pass defender.

30. Atlanta Falcons – Tyler Eifert (TE): Even with Gonzalez playing for one more season, Tyler could get a lot of experience by playing one season with Tony.  Eifert already is a good TE, and he could become an awesome young TE after Gonzalez retires.

31. San Francisco 49ers: Jesse Williams (DT):  The Niners lost a few D-lineman to free agency and Williams would be a killer replacement.  Williams is coming out of Alabama where he was a Nose Tackle, and now that San Fran got Glenn Dorsey the D-Line could be pretty powerful.

32. Baltimore Ravens – Arthur Brown (LB): Obviously they need to fill that giant hole that Ray Lewis left.  The Ravens still have Suggs and they signed Dumervil, but they still need the middle of the field covered.