2013 NFL Division Winners – Predictions

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Everything Football
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I know that most people will say it’s too early to do predictions since the draft has not happened yet and there is still a long ways before the season actually starts.  That may be true but there has been a lot happen already in the offseason where predictions can be made.  I will be going over each division in the AFC and NFC making predictions of who will be the division winners and possible Wild Card teams.

+AFC North+
1. Bengals
2. Ravens
3. Browns
4. Steelers
The AFC North had a lot of movement so far in the offseason so based on what has happened so far I feel the Bengals are going to be the team to beat.  The Ravens lost a lot of players and I think it will be hard for them to defend their Super Bowl title.  The Browns added a lot of players on their defense and a few offensive players where if they can keep it together they might be able to get a Wild Card spot.  The Steelers have had a tough offseason so far and have lost a lot of players and have not re-signed a bunch of people.  Even with the players the Steelers have I feel they will have a tough road ahead of them.

+AFC South+
1. Texans
2. Colts
3. Titans
4. Jaguars
The AFC South will almost be the same as it was in 2012.  The Texans will win the division because of their offense and now because of the additions they made on defense.  The Colts will give the Texans a run and most likely will be a Wild Card team going into the playoffs.  The Titans did add some key players, but they still lack the ability to be a competitive team.  Unless they have a monster year I don’t see the Titans making the playoffs.  The Jaguars will finish dead last again due in part that they still have no offensive weapons except MJD.  The Jaguars will have another long season in 2013.

+AFC East+
1. Patriots
2. Dolphins
3. Bills
4. Jets
The Patriots still have a powerful team in the AFC East and it is hard for any team to knock them off the top spot.  I don’t see why the Patriots would not win the division again in 2013.  The Dolphins have the ability to be a Wild Card team if they utilize the new players they got in the offseason.  They added a lot to their offense and it should be fun to see how they do.  The Bills did add some defensive players and they did add Kolb, but they are still lacking that offensive spark that they need to put the points on the board.  The Jets are just terrible, it would not surprise me if they did not win a game the entire 2013 season.

+AFC West+
1. Broncos
2. Chiefs
3. Chargers
4. Raiders
The Broncos are going to be the team to beat in the AFC; they have weapons everywhere on offense and defense and I am already predicting that they get to the AFC Championship game.  The Chiefs actually have a good chance at being a Wild Card team as well since they made numerous upgrades on offense and defense in the offseason.  The Chargers are in need of some help with their offensive line, but I don’t see them making a splash in 2013.  The Raiders are just like the Jaguars; they want to be a good team, but it is not going to happen.

+NFC North+
1. Vikings
2. Packers
3. Bears
4. Lions
The NFC North is going to be a very interesting place to be in 2013.  All 4 of these teams have made improvements to their teams and it is really hard to tell who is going to come out on top.  The reason why I picked the Vikings is because of the improvements on offense and that the Vikings still have a very stout defense.  The Packers will be a contender as well since they have a very high scoring offense, but the Packers need to fill some defensive holes in their secondary.  The Bears are really hard to get a read on right now since they made a lot of upgrades to their offense, but have not figured out the defense yet.  The Bears could be a surprise team in 2013.  The Lions defense has fallen apart and that needs to get fixed, the good news is that they stacked up the offense to put points on the board.

+NFC South+
1. Falcons
2. Bucs
3. Saints
4. Panthers
It is obvious that the Falcons are going to have a great 2013 season.  They have stacked up their offense and making smart pick ups on defense.  As long as they play as a unit they should have no problem taking the division.  The Bucs could end up being a Wild Card team since they have made some amazing defensive pick ups and hopefully will draft some key players for their offense.  The Saints have made some good pick ups in the offseason, but I still feel it will take some time before they are a dominant team again.  The Panthers still need help they have not made the necessary adjustments yet to be a contender.

+NFC East+
1. Redskins
2. Eagles
3. Giants
4. Cowboys
The NFC East is turing into a sloppy division.  All 4 of these teams are not Super Bowl material and they all have serious problems heading into the offseason.  I chose the Redskins because they have an impressive offense that can put up points and a defense that is very strong.  The Eagles have made a lot of adjustments in the offseason but the big question for them is “Who is the QB”.  The Giants are like the Ravens; they lost a lot of players to free agency and they are now scrambling to put a team together.  The Cowboys are still just a mess.  They have too many egos and not enough team play; they need to come together as a team before they win the division.

+NFC West+
1. 49ers
2. Seahawks
3. Rams
4. Cardinals
The 49ers proved last year that they are a team to be reckoned with and they have one of the best defenses in the NFL.  The Niners also made some tweeks on offense to make them even more dangerous.  The Seahawks have had a huge offseason by signing a lot of defensive studs to stack up their defense.  The Seahawks have also made some offensive changes that will give them more chances to put points on the board.  The Rams are now re-building and it will take some time before they win a division.  The Cardinals are a mess and they will be at the bottom of this division for awhile.


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  2. mooooooikea says:

    Who did the Giants lose to free agency that cant be replaced? Wilson replaces an injury riddle bradshaw and stevie brown is an excellent replacement for an injury riddles kenny phillips. and osi wasnt even a starter, kiwanuka is a pass rusher that had been forced to play linebacker the past couple years and now hes back on the line. only worry for the giants are nicks and cruz

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